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    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery

    Help!! Due to work commitments we've found ourselves stuck for a back row cornet player for the Area. Its a complete longshot but if there is anyone out there who is obviously not playing for anyone already and is able to sign we'd love to hear from you! We're based in South Elmsall, just off...
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    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery

    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band invite applications for 2nd Euphonium and 2nd Horn (after the Scottish Open for the horn!). We are firmly established in the Yorkshire Area Championship section and next year will be competing in the Masters, British Open...
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    Kirsty Abbotts CD - Music Now Available

    Thanks for the plug!! Can also get the CD's direct from me. Thanks Gavin.
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    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery announce new signings

    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band are pleased to announce a number of key signings all bringing with them a wealth of championship experience and all strengthing the band in the time for the Area. Firstly, we welcome Richard Windle on 2nd Trombone, previously of Grimethorpe Colliery. Richard...
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    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery

    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band invite applications for Solo Horn to complete our line-up for the Yorkshire Area. We rehearse every Monday / Thursday at 8pm in South Elmsall, West Yorkshire. Please either email me on or ring John Kendall on 07745004094.
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    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery

    Edit: Check latest posts for current vacancies Carlton Main Frickley Colliery have vacancies for a Solo Horn and 2nd Trombone. The Band had a very encouraging year in 2006 and are aiming to build on that in 2007. We have some excellent concert work lined up and are competing in the Masters...
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    Meditation from Thais, Bennett arr.

    Hi Blake I've got the full set of band parts if its not too late! Let me know if you need to borrow them and I'll get them from the bandroom tomorrow.
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    Durham Miners Gala: Who's going?

    Where abouts did that happen?
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    Sold/Expired Gig Bag

    Hopefully two photos are now attached!
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    Sold/Expired Gig Bag

    Have you got an email address? I'll send a photo if you have. Not sure how to put a photo on the forum!
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    Sold/Expired Gig Bag

    For Sale - Dual Cornet / Trumpet or Flugel Gig Bag There are two compartments which will easliy fit in a cornet, trumpet or flugel plus plemty of room for mutes. There is also middle section to store music which does keep music flat. The gig bag can be carried in three ways - over the...
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    Carlton Main - Percussionist required to complete our line-up

    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery require just one tuned / kit percussionist to complete our band line-up. We are competing in the Grand Shield under Allan Ramsay / Masters under Russell Gray and have a steady concert schedule for the rest of the year. We also have new percussion equipment to...
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    Kirsty Abbotts CMFCB

    Thanks for all your messages. Mother and baby doing fine and hope to back playing asap! Jessica already has her Derby County bodysuit, although she was instantly sick on her Derby County bib!
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    Well Done All Radio 2 Semi-Finalists !

    Massive well done to Kate from all at Frickley. Really pleased for you!
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    The spirit of contesting?

    Obviously no 'unofficial' instruction was made! Everyone who was there enjoyed the day and have congratulated Carlton. Why can't it just be left at that.
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    The spirit of contesting?

    Its not very often I make a comment on this forum but I can't believe a lot of these postings. Not sure how much of all this is directed at me and Nick for helping out and Nick has already explained. I'm not going over all that again but do want to make two points: 1) We did NOT charge and...
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    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery

    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery will be performing at The Three Stags Head, Darley Bridge, Matlock, Derbyshire on Sunday 4th September at 7.30pm. There has been a series of concerts held every Sunday throughout the summer and Frickley will be the final band to be featured. All our usual...
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    Sheffield Citadel Band / Carlton Main Frickley - Tsunami Appeal Concert

    The Salvation Army Sheffield Citadel Corps, 12 Psalter Lane, Sheffield are presenting a concert in aid of The Salvation Army's South Asia Tsunami Emergency Appeal on Friday 11th February at 7.30pm. The concert will feature Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band (Brian Grant), The Sheffield Citadel...
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    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery

    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band, sponsored by Ben Bailey Homes, invite applications for a percussionist and a first class trombone. We are currently working towards competing at Spennymoor and will also be competing at the Mineworkers and Masters next year. We rehearse in South...
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    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band

    Carlton Main Frickley invite applications for a 1st class Trombone player and 1st class percussionist. We are recording a CD under Brian Grant in October followed by Spennymoor Entertainment Contest in November. Please email Kirsty on or pm.