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  1. floppymute

    Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Loco Works Band (Horwich)

    Do any of the band history buffs out there have any information on the Lancs.& Yorkshire Railway Band please? On the IBEW Extinct Bands page it just lists the band as 'Active in 1905'. It would appear I have one of their Bb basses and I was particularly wondering if anyone knew what year they...
  2. floppymute

    Student Instruments by Aquae Sulis - any experience?

    Does anyone have any experience of the student instrument range by Aquae Sulis Sebastien Buckley? Are they any good? Originating from China I have to say I'm sceptical, but who knows?
  3. floppymute

    Army Musicians to wear earplugs -this is unbelievable!

    Somebody please tell me I've made a mistake with the calendar and today is April 1st !:eek:
  4. floppymute

    Recommended Street Marches

    There have been a few threads recently asking about favourite contest marches, but suppose you were compiling a new march book for your band from scratch...what would you have in there? Bear in mind you would need some easy ones in the mix for the longer march jobs.
  5. floppymute

    Gloria - John Rutter

    I've just read the report on the recent concert by South Yorks Police Band on 4BR. It mentions performing John Rutter's 'Gloria' - a fantastic piece in my opinion. I've wanted to to include this work myself but I wasn't aware of a band arrangement but seemingly one does exist. Can anyone tell...
  6. floppymute

    If the Stig was a bandsman....

    Some say.... His embouchure is formed from pure carbon fibre He has a water-key where his p****s should be :cool:
  7. floppymute

    Oldest Instruments still in use?

    Reading some recent posts on other threads, including those referring to the build-quality, or otherwise, of newer instruments versus old, set me wondering... What old instruments are out there still in use by bands? Maybe we could identify the oldest example still in regular use? I myself...
  8. floppymute

    Sibelius 6

    Anybody upgraded yet - and was it worth it?
  9. floppymute

    Made-up Names

    On a visit to IKEA the other day I noticed the name of one of their designers, Lotta Kuhlhoorn. I couldn't help but smile. Any readers of 'Private Eye' magazine will be familiar with their madeup names correspondance section. I was wondering if anyone had any other band-related names they might...
  10. floppymute

    Fantasy Brass Band Composer

    I attended the Michel Legrand concert at the Bridgewater Hall last night. The man simply oozes musicianship and his compositions show tremendous melodic and rhythmic variety. Bearing in mind that he's composed in various styles, pop, jazz and classical, it set me wondering what we might have...
  11. floppymute

    "Cool" Horn Solos?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a 'cool' tenor horn solo? Something with a jazz or blues feel to it. I've had a look through some catalogues and all I can find are arrangements of folk tunes, air varies or some cheesy Carpenters arrangements. It seems it's the flugel players who get all the...
  12. floppymute

    Besses o'The Barn bandroom fire

    I've just read with horror the news item on 4BR about arsonists attempting to burn down the Besses bandroom. So far as I am aware that bandroom contains some irreplaceable items of brass band history in the library. I remember many years ago, when Roy Newsome was MD, being invited to come and...
  13. floppymute

    Any Forthcoming Concerts Central Lancs?

    I have a young pupil who's only been playing for a few weeks but, along with her parents, she's very keen to go to a brass band concert to see what she's aiming for. With the contest season in full swing it's been hard to track any down near the Chorley/Wigan area. Can anybody let me know of any...
  14. floppymute

    Contest March 'ORB' - Anderson - Any info?

    Do any of you brass band historians out there have any info on the composer of this contest march? I'm particulary looking for the composer's first name and his dates please.
  15. floppymute

    March composers

    I've been trying to do some research on the dates (birth & death) of brass band march composers. The two names I've become stuck on are George Allan (composer of 'Senator') and Shipley Douglas (composer of 'Mephistopheles'. I've trawled the IBEW site to no avail. Can anyone help please?