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  1. toppy the tenor

    Calling all brass band arrangers: 'Wherever you are' by Mulitary Wives Choir

    Hey all Having been totally sucked in by the BBC series 'The Choir' and overwhelmed by the final episode and the performance of 'Wherever you are' my first thought was that this would make a cracking band arrangement! So, not sure if anyone wants to join me in my quest but there must be...
  2. toppy the tenor

    'Laural & Hardy - Another Fine Mess' Sandy Smith (euph duet)

    Hi all - considering new programme choices for 2010 and wondered if anyone had played/heard/knows of a recording of Sandy Smith's euph duet 'Laural & Hardy - Another Fine Mess'. I'm sure it's a great arrangement and perfect addition to concert programme but would value your views. Cheers...
  3. toppy the tenor

    Wychavon Contest Venues 2009

    Hi all - anyone have any idea what the Norbury Theatre is like in Droitwich Spa? It's being used as one of the venues for Wychavon Entertainment Contest this year and Portishead will be travelling up there to take part. It would be a good to know what the acoustic is like, how big the theatre...
  4. toppy the tenor

    What programme would you chose for a concert in a Cathedral?

    Peeps On Saturday night the wife and I had the pleasure of seeing Cory in concert in Bristol Cathedral. Absolutely amazing - watch out all you competing bands at the Open this band is on form! The programme was massive and included: Overture ' Carnival' - Dvorak Paganini Variations...
  5. toppy the tenor

    Wychavon Entertainment Contest Venues.

    Fellow Banders Portishead will be travelling to Evesham again this year to take part in this cracking Entertainment Contest but none of us have played in the Working Men's Club before. Any views / opinions on accoustics, size of stage, layout of hall etc would be very handy. Last year we...
  6. toppy the tenor

    Christmas Carol Arrangements with Descant.

    Chaps and chappesses My dad's band is recording a Christmas CD in July (as you do!) and wants to include some carols that have interesting arrangements with a descant. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get hold of some Kosha ones so they can legally record them and then sell on...
  7. toppy the tenor

    Musical Director wanted - Portishead Brass Academy

    The Portishead Brass Academy has gone from strength to strength since it was established in 2004 and now needs a lively personality to take over as Musical Director. Portishead Brass Academy is a volunteer organisation, which provides excellent opportunities for new and developing brass...
  8. toppy the tenor

    What date are the lower section National finals this year?

    Guys Title says it all really - can anyone help? I thought it was the weekend of Sept 23-24. Cheers Toppy
  9. toppy the tenor

    Search is on for new MD at Portishead.

    It is with regret that Portishead Town Band announce that their successful partnership with MD Rhodri Griffiths will be coming to an end. Due to a change in work commitments and a re-location back to his native Wales Rhodri will be leaving the band at the end of January. Rhodri joined the...
  10. toppy the tenor

    In search of Alan Fernie's arrangement of 'America' from West Side Story.

    Ladies and gents I'm hoping someone out there will be able to help me with this. I'm trying to get hold of the full band set of Alan Fernie's arrangement of 'America' from a West Side Story. It features on the Tredegar CD 'Brass on Broadway' and would be a great addition to our concert...
  11. toppy the tenor

    New website for Portishead Town Band

    Hi everyone I just wanted to give notice that Portishead Town Band now have a nice new website to show off to people. Some pages are still under constuction but the bones are there along with some photos of the band and general info. So please take a look and let us know what you think -...
  12. toppy the tenor

    What are the acoustics like at Harrogate?

    Hi everyone As Harrogate looms I was just wondering if anyone could shed any light on what the acoustics are like at Harrogate. I know the finals have been there before so I'm sure someone out there must know! If there are any West of England vets out there who have played there maybe...
  13. toppy the tenor

    A Gallimaufry Suite - your first thoughts.

    Hello fellow 3rd Section-ers! Just thought I'd canvass some opinion on our test piece for Harrogate. Have many bands had a chance to have a look at it yet? We've blown through it a couple of times and there's certainly more in there than you think once you start to dig. I think it's going...
  14. toppy the tenor

    Anyone know full Results from Weston-S-Mare Contest?

    Title says it all really! Would be useful if anyone knows. We came 2nd in the 3rd Section to Newbridge but didn't stick around for the rest of the day. Cheers Toppy Portishead Town Band
  15. toppy the tenor

    What drumkit?

    I'm after advice from any percussionists out there. Our band organisation consists of a Brass Academy which is flourishing at the moment. It's made up of a Training Band for new starters who then progress onto the Academy Band for intermediate players or players who don't want the full...
  16. toppy the tenor

    Attention all listeners of 'Sounds of Brass' on BBC South West.

    Just a quick note to let any listeners of the 'Sounds of Brass' programme on the local BBC stations in the South West that the supposed recording of the Portishead Town Band's winning performance of 'Tam O'Shanter' wasn't actually us! I'm not sure whose performance the BBC played but it...
  17. toppy the tenor

    Trying to find 'Blues March' by Premru.

    Ladies and gents Can anyone tell me how to get hold of a copy of 'Blues March' by Ray Premru? I've looked up my usual music suppliers and none of them have it. Any ideas would be appreciated. Many thanks Toppy
  18. toppy the tenor

    Who's adjudicating at Yeovil Contest this year?

    Does anyone out there know who's adjudicating at Yeovil Entertainment Contest this year? For the first time ever I've been able to get tickets so I'll be there but was interested about who was in the box? Cheers Toppy Portishead Town Band
  19. toppy the tenor

    How are your Coleford preparations going?

    Just a quick note to see how everyone's preparations were going for the GBBA Contest at Coleford a week Sunday. Is everyone happy with the way their playing, pieces going well, any tantrums or band room out bursts by unhappy MD's (or is that only us!!). Anyway - GOOD LUCK EVERYONE. See...
  20. toppy the tenor

    In need of Nicea - William Himes arrangement.

    People I'm trying to get hold of a copy of an arrangement of the hymn Nicea by William Himes (I think). It's about 4 mins long and is absolutely gorgeous with a cornet solo feature bit at the end. I used to play it with my old band Test Valley Brass (a recording is available on our CD...