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    National Finals - 3rd Section

    Congratulations, Jersey! Sorry I didn't get a chance to see you in action, but very well done, and hope to catch up with you all some other time! Graeme
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    The 'Official' tMP L&SC Regional Thread

    Yay, well done Jersey Premier Brass! Hope to catch up with you all in Harrogate!
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    Holiday On The Buses

    I ended up watching this corny 70s spin off from the On The Buses TV series late Friday night/early Saturday morning on BBC One, and was delighted to notice it was filmed at Pontins, Prestatyn. How reassuring (and unsurprising!) that so little has changed there in 30 years, although it's a...
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    Tameside.... u ther???

    Yes. Apparently ******* play in some of the bands at Tameside too! :i Edit: Please avoid using any terms that could be taken as offensive. PB, Mod
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    North West Region - 2nd Section

    Indeed. Well done, Old Hall, and good luck for the Nationals.