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    Cornet Trios

    OOoo we were gonna play a cornet trio in band Monday! It was called Mexican Hat Dance
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    Least Favourite Test Pieces

    Music for Kantara! Yuck!
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    What was your fisrt Solo?

    My first with piano accompaniment was probably Cockles and Muscles and first with a band was either Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair or One Voice... Errmm I think
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    Booze ( ? )

    As long as its edible!! :D
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    Ne Welsh Banders Out There?!?

    Oooooo i play with Ebbw Vale Town Band!
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    Is your uniform pants or what??

    Navy and red jacket with gold etching and a dicky bow for me!! Great I know! :roll:
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    Rehearsals per week

    Monday and Wednersday for me!! :)
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    What is your favourite march? (The Big Poll)

    My faves gotta be Castell Caerphilly!! The bass solo so rules!! :D
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    Break in rehearsal?

    My bands breaks vary sumtimes they exceed 15 minutes but sumtimes they struggle 2 reach even 5 minutes!! Depends on what the conductors feeling lik
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    What BRAND of mouthpiece do you play?

    Euphonium - Denis Wick SM4
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    Greater Gwent Youth Brass Band Festival.Sat. 31st Jan.

    Wooohooo rock on Ebbw Vale!!... Ummm soz had to get that off my chest. *goes off and hides in his lil dark corner of the board*
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    Your first ever contest piece?

    Mine was 'Music for Kantara' by Kenneth Downie ;)
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    What's your favourite game?

    Oooooo I personally prefer crocodile dentist! That game so rules!! :D