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    Which Flugelhorn

    Hi, Upon looking on various websites, I have found a variety of Flugels that people seem to have very different views upon. With the outlook of a frequent player (and a view to play for many years to come), what would people's advice be on a decent Flugel. There is a secondhand bach 183 for...
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    Gear4music Flugel

    Has anyone tried the g4m Flugel? Is it any good? Flugel Horn by Gear4music at Thanks
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    New Smith Watkins Cornet?

    Does anyone know of a place to find a second-hand Smith-Watkins Professional K2 Cornet on the internet?
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    Hi, I am looking to buy a new cornet and was wondering what the popularity of my shortlist was. Thanks
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    ABRSM Exams

    Hi, I was just curious about this, can you use borrowed instruments in an ABRSM exam, is there a grade limit of something. Thanks
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    New Cornet?

    Hi, I currently play on a Besson Sovereign Cornet that I loan from a band. I have been looking into getting a new one, A: so that it is mine; and B: because it is old (not that I disagree with the fact that older instruments can have a nice tone), from the time when Besson 'threw' the cornets...