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    Sold/Expired Bach 12 Megatone wanted

    Does anybody have a Bach 12 Megatone tuba mouthpiece hanging around that they no longer want?
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    Hello all, Has anyone got any contact details for goldchops? After getting my mouthpiece gold plated, but the website isn't work? Thanks, Matt.
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    Tuba cup mute cases?

    Hello all, Just a question really does anybody know if people make cases for tuba cup mutes? We have just got some as needed for spiriti at the finals, and for putting on the coach etc we don't really want to damage them, as sure we will only use them once in a blue moon! Any help appreciated...
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    Sold/Expired FOR SALE: Yamaha Eb bass

    Hey guys, The time has come for me to sell my Eb bass. Its a yamaha maestro, in silver plate. I got it brand new from trevada music last July. So its 18months old, and iv played it for about 8months of the 18months as i have gone back onto BBb. Its in great condition, just a few scatches on the...
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    Sold/Expired For sale: Bossey and hawkes 19inch imperial Eb bass

    Hey all! Taken the decision to sell my 19inch imperial in gold. It's in great condition for its age, few dents here and there, mainly on the bottom bow. Blows really well, all slides and valves work great, currently playing it in championship level banding and does a great job. It still has a...
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    Sold/Expired Tuba Mouthpieces for sale

    Hey guys, Got a VB7 and an alliance H1 Prestige for sale! Both in good condition, must of used them both for about 2 months, if that! PM with offers. Need to get rid of them now, not doing anything Cheers Matt
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    Sold/Expired For Sale: Bach BBb bass gigbag

    Hey all! Got a new shape synthetic Bach BBb bass gigbag i brought about a year ago, used for a year, in great nick for sale! Its the new versions so zip around the bell rather than down the middle, A lot better i think myself! If your interested give me a PM for more details and make me an...
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    Wanted: Eb bass.

    Hey guys! Looking for my own Eb bass! Up for anything, if its a good price and condition! Would love a 981! But know how hard they are to get hold of! If anyone has anything please let me me! Cheers! Matt
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    Sykes returns to Camborne

    Camborne Town Band has announced that Steve Sykes has returned to the band as Professional Musical Director with immediate effect. Demand The internationally renowned tuba star has been one of the most sought after freelance conductors in the banding world in the past year or so, working...
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    Lip problem.

    Hey Guys.. Ever since before christmas i'v been having trouble with my lip. It seems like after a hard blow in a practice or concert etc my top lip seems to flare up and go all red. I have tryed a few different mouthpiece.. This still happens... Seems to stay up for about a week or so... Keep...
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    Tuba Mouthpieces for sale!

    Hi all! Have got some tuba mouthpieces for sale. Will provide images if people are intrested. The mouthpieces are: Vincent Bach 24AW Vincent Bach 18 Perantucci PT24+ Perantucci PT88+ Dennis Wick 1L (deep cup) Dennis Wick 2L (deep cup) Dennis Wick 1 (old shank( Kelly 24AW (blue) All...
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    *urgent* exmouth contest

    Hi all. Me and a friend of mine who plays euph and Bari will be at exmouth contest tomorrow. We were supposed to be play with a band but they pulled out. So were currently in Exeter! If anyone needs a two players let us know! By pm or ring me on 07875262717 Thank you Matt.
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    Proms in the park!

    Down in Cornwall in the next few weeks?! Fancy going to a great concert on September 11th? Well... Enjoy a picnic in the garden with Lanner Silver Band entertaining with their mix of musical favourites in delightful settings on the main lawn, under the Cryptomeria tree. An evening of...
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    Tuba quartet music

    Hi All! Resently started in a Tuba quartet! (2Eb bass and 2 euphs). We have some music but not alot! Anyone know a good place to get some?! Just music doesnt seem to have alot?! Thanks in advance :) Matt :D
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    Sounds (John Golland)

    Hi all! Just wondering what people think of the peice Sounds?! or previous experiences of it?! Never really herd of it until resently! Can't make mind up weather i really like it or not yet either! Cheers Matt!
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    Improve Fingering?

    Hi all! Rescently been given a solo to play (Largo Al Factotum) and having a slight problem! Thing is i can play it at the correct speed like tonguing etc im just finding that i can't move my fingers fast enough is the problem! Anyone got anyway you could improve this? Make your finger work a...
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    Sold/Expired Wanted: Eb bass

    Hey! Looking for a good condition Eb bass! Don't mind what kind though i would like a york! If anyone got anything give me a PM :) Thanks Matt
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    Yeovil Entertainment Contest 2010

    Hey! Who off to Yeovil next month then?! I'll be there playing with Mount Charles band! Matt
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    SWBBA Torquay Contest

    Heyy! A press release on 4barsrest says there are 32 bands playing! Yet did not give a list of the bands!! Who is going this year then? :D Im with Lanner on Eb in the open section :D Matt
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    Instrument repair south west *ASAP*

    Took my instrument out of its case last night (BBb bass) which i left in the band room on Monday night and found it last night with crease in the bell! Thing is i need it for the 2nd section national finals in 3weeks.... Anyone know of anyone that could do it? I tried my normal repairman but he...