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  1. becks164


    hi guys!!!! im sending this cause i am in need of desparate help, i am a third year student doing music and drama. for my recital i am doing a 50 min and a 20 min recital. for my 20 min recital i am struggling, i am basing it around the 1920s era and im stuggling to find any music what so...
  2. becks164


    hey guys, im writing because i am in desperate need of your help. i am doing my final year now at uni and i have decided to do a 50 minute recital!!! (dont no how i am going to do it lol). anyway the pieces i have got all ready are 'Cavantine' by saint saens, 'Recitave and Prayer' by hector...
  3. becks164

    trombone music

    hi guys i need your help. I am currently looking for music to do my recital for my second year at uni. i have some pieces but my music lecturer said i cant play them cause i played them four years ago. i need to find some trombone music pretty quickly. im looking for trombone and piano...
  4. becks164

    brighouse march and hymn contest

    hey guys jst wondering who is doing the Brighouse March and Hymn contest tomorrow afternoon??? i know Sellers nternational Youth Band are doing hoping to defend the deportment trophy
  5. becks164

    euphonium teachers

    ive decided to start learning the euph as part of my uni course, and im wanting a euph teacher. does anyone know any euph teachers in the chesire area?? hope you can help me out peeps thanks
  6. becks164

    t - cakes or baps?

    as a yorksahire person i tend to say a white t - cake!!! but since ive come to uni everyone says bap and i end up having a five min argument over a white t - cake. now do u ppl say t - cake or bap???
  7. becks164

    teacake or bap??

    im now at Man met university, and i was at work a couple of weekends ago and they asked me what i wasnted for my dinner i said a ham salad teacake. they looked at me in disgust!! aparantly its a called a bap???all my friends at uni say im mad for calling a teacake but thats what us yorkshire...