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  1. sevenhelz

    Yorkshire euph looking for a challenge

    How do. As you can see from my sig and previous experience, I've been playing euph a long time, and I'm currently top euph at the Band of the Yorkshire Regiment. I recently graduated from Huddersfield Uni where I was dumped on the solo seat (in the brass band) back in first year, keeping that...
  2. sevenhelz

    Sold/Expired Cheap euphonium case for sale

    Yo, check this link: Happy New Year :)
  3. sevenhelz

    Sold/Expired BE967 euphonium for sale

    Ladies and gentlefolk, I have a 3 year old Besson 967 euphonium for sale, silver plated, with hard case and Wick 4AL mp included. It's in good condition (one careful lady owner, no major dents or problems) and has recently been serviced at Octave Above, so the valves are great. Both David...
  4. sevenhelz

    Recruitment corner could be clearer?

    Speaking as someone who has very little knowledge of geography, I'd love to see the recruitment corner separated into regions. It would help sooo much! Thankee kindly. x
  5. sevenhelz

    2 euphoniums, different places

    Hello there, two points of interest today. Firstly my dear older brother has not (as far as I know) played euphonium in several years, but would probably succumb to some prodding if a nice lower section band in Sheffield wants to take him in. Please note he would need an instrument, but he is...
  6. sevenhelz

    Attention St Helens bands

    This item appeared in St Helens ‘Star’ 12/1/06. What do you think? ARE you involved in the music scene in St Helens? If so then the new Community Music Network wants to hear from you about what you think of the local music scene. The network is supported by St Helens Council’s...
  7. sevenhelz

    How many local bands do you have?

    Just a thought. Saw this in our local paper and was unimpressed with the tone - they obviously don't think there are any brass bands left around here... I wouldn't mind so much if they hadn't mentioned Parr Prize and Temperance Bands - I'm not clear on the history here but surely one of them is...
  8. sevenhelz

    Well, um, hi

    errrrrm yes hi all. My name's Helen, I play the euphonium, have done since I was ten. As my sig shows I'm in St Helens Youth and Greenalls Brass Bands, which gets exciting when both bands go to the same contest. Or want rehearsals on the same day. I live in St Helens, not far from where SHYBB...
  9. sevenhelz

    ID cards

    I'm surprised to see there isn't a thread on this already. In my opinion the UK government's proposals for biometric ID cards are morally outrageous. Here's the pledge: You'll find both me and my brother on there, along with many of our friends. But if anyone...
  10. sevenhelz

    New Posts

    John, my New Posts buttons are all giving me different results, and none of them are full lists! Am I doing something wrong? :confused: I used to go through the forums and check individually but since discovering the buttons I have discovered they don't work as well! Sorry to be the bearer of...
  11. sevenhelz

    music v. language

    I found this fantastic exam question while revising for my music exam (which is on Monday:eek: ), so I planned an essay for it and in fact thought quite hard (it hurt); but I'd love to hear some other views: Do you agree that music is more powerful than language? Give reasons for your answer...
  12. sevenhelz

    I'm officially a Music Geek

    :p Today I named my shoes... Bert and Mann. Am I enjoying revising just a little too much? :oops::biggrin: xx
  13. sevenhelz

    info on euph pieces please?

    hi y'all, just to exploit you as a resource again, anyone know anything about Midnight Euphonium (Goff Richards) or Concert Gallop (Philip Wilby)? I'm playing them for my grade exam tomorrow and having heard rumours that Concert Gallop was written for some kind of charity event, I'd like to find...
  14. sevenhelz

    anyone got pictures of a full band?

    oops i think i tried to post this somewhere else... sorry! if i did. anyway i'm doing a mini presentation/talk in college about euphoniums and i've been looking in vain for a picture or two to demonstrate where we sit, our place in the band. so suddenly the night before (although the teacher...
  15. sevenhelz

    Greenall's Band vacancies

    Greenalls needs cornets and percussion Edit: For current vacancies and contact details see most recent posts lol dunno if i should post this but in lieu of my conductor doing so, we are a 2nd section band rehearsing in garswood, with players from wiganers to liverpudlians, and we need some...