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  1. becks164


    hi guys!!!! im sending this cause i am in need of desparate help, i am a third year student doing music and drama. for my recital i am doing a 50 min and a 20 min recital. for my 20 min recital i am struggling, i am basing it around the 1920s era and im stuggling to find any music what so...
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    Myspace Users

    hey here is my link hope to see you soon
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    A-Z UK Place Names

  4. becks164

    What`s your Musical Dream or Wish ???

    well, my dream is to get my diploma in performance then i would love to play with a very good english band back in my home town of yorkshire!!!! my fream is to play in the albert hall byt he time im 30 but ive got nearly 8 years to get this sorted lol
  5. becks164

    How are your team doing?

    it does get worse because bradford are above us!!! THATS DEPRESSING
  6. becks164

    How are your team doing?

    its getting very depressing now the fact we are getting beat by a bottom of the league team!!!! what the heck is going on!! ive been a loyal town fan for 11 years im getting fed up of pewople giving me stick for being a town fan!!!im proud to be a town fan but im fed up of the poor run we are...
  7. becks164

    What are you listening to at the moment.........

    at the moment im listeing to ppl typing away there dissertations like me!!!!! but im also listeining to christin aguilera hurt!!!
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    University and band

    which uni are you going to?? i found out that uni and band are very hard to deal with. i am in my final year at uni now and im not playing at band i should really be but hopefully i will be back after xmas that is if they let me lol
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    hey guys, im writing because i am in desperate need of your help. i am doing my final year now at uni and i have decided to do a 50 minute recital!!! (dont no how i am going to do it lol). anyway the pieces i have got all ready are 'Cavantine' by saint saens, 'Recitave and Prayer' by hector...
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    Leeds United fans ONLY!

    leeds what the heck is going on there fighting for relugation all ready!!!!! its awesome as a loyal hudds fan i am loving every min of you in danger of going down its awesome hehe. come town your climbing up the table now you can do it
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    Rugby League

    its all about the huddersfield giants get in!!!!
  12. becks164

    Be Positive For Youth!

    well i played with sellers youth and i wouldnt have gone any where else. i had the best five years at this band, shame i had to go to uni far away and leave them!!!
  13. becks164

    How are your team doing?

    i cant believe how badly my team are doing this season!!! my team being huddersfield town!!! the game against doncaster was ok but against yeovil flippin heck that was a really bad game!!!! hope we get better cause it depressing seeing bradford above us!! cmon town
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    this game is far to addictive, im trying to do work but ive had to leave that to play this game
  15. becks164

    I like living in ___________ because.......

    its all about yorkshire, i think yorkshire is the best place to live
  16. becks164

    I like living in ___________ because.......

    i like living in huddersfield because of the nite life, the shopping center, the football team (come on town you can do it), all my friends are here so when i come bk from uni for the holidays they give me all the gossip, so many brilliant bands in the west yorkshire area!!! i think we may have...
  17. becks164

    Year and Test Pieces When Born

    mine was 1985 british open was Salute to Youth, Gilbert Vinter black dyke won that and the nationals was Cloudcatcher Fells, John McCabe and black dyke won that to
  18. becks164

    Twenty three new members for The National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain

    well done jess im very proud!!! your the only one from yorkshire in there and i no you are going to do us proud!!!! i think there is a couple of other people that are all ready there from yorkshire! do us proud which i no you will! good luck jess x x x x x
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    trombone music

    heyt guys thank you very much for all of your suggestions, at the moment i have ordered the sonata for trombone swashbucklers song by hindemit!!! which ive managed to listen to and sounds very good. thank you again for all you rsuggestions, what would i do without you all lol. hey charlie...
  20. becks164

    trombone music

    thank you very much for that info. i have the rimsky and the larrs and the fantasy pieces. im using the fantasy piece for my recital so thats good but im going to look at the others. thank you very much for your help