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  1. rdouglas1976

    Sold/Expired Eb/D Trumpet for Sale

    I am selling my Stomvi Elite Eb/D trumpet. The trumpet was bought from new by myself from Phill Parkers but has not been used very much due to the repertoire of the orchestra I used to play in. I have since moved away and have no need for it, so I would rather it went to a good home than...
  2. rdouglas1976

    Cornet player free to a good band

    Hi all, I moved to Coventry at the back end of last year and I was hoping to be able to join a nearby band (within 30-40 miles) on either front or back row. So if you are in (or know of) a friendly contesting band that has a cornet vacancy let me know! Rich
  3. rdouglas1976

    Post Grade 8 Diplomas

    Hi, has anybody on here done any of these? I quite fancy doing one of the teaching diplomas, what is the best college to go through ? ABRSM ? Trinity ? Guildhall ? Is there any benefit of doing a performance diploma first? Would that excuse me from the practical element of the teaching exam ?
  4. rdouglas1976

    What do you want from a music shop?

    I would like to open an online music store - specialising in brass instruments. I know doing a survey online isnt strictly valid as you wont get a full spectrum of people but here goes anyway. Would you shop online as opposed to going to a local store ? What sort of things would you...
  5. rdouglas1976

    From trumpet to cornet

    I'm a trumpet player that has moved from Northampton to Rugby in the UK and am looking for a Brass Band to join. I do have some experience of playing in one before. My main questions are what bands are around my area and what type of cornet should I be looking at? I currently have a strad trpt.