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  1. P_S_Price

    Castell Coch - Why do it?

    At Delph this year Castell Coch was played 7 times; an out of those 7 times the band that came closest to getting the bell effect arpeggios correct was a youth band ( and that included a 1st section band)! My question is Why would MD's select a march that they know straight off that it is going...
  2. P_S_Price

    Rochdale Citadel Band are off to Holland in November this year

    RCB will be having a 4 day visit to the SA in Holland this year. Just in Case I've transcribed the Netherlands National Anthem to take with us. Any bands likely to be needing to paly that at some time are more than welcome to a copy on PDF.
  3. P_S_Price

    When did bands get "Orchestralised"

    Maybe its been happening gradually without my really noticing it, but at the Bridgewater hall festival this Saturday I became really aware of it. Basically all this poncing about with hugging, and clasping individual players, and individually welcoming the "Diva" cornet player in the same...
  4. P_S_Price

    Salvation Army Music and Secular Bandis

    Parking the purpose of SA music from an SA perspective, in its own right as pure music, I enjoy playing SA Band music for the music itself. However it doesnt seem to be in the slightest bit popular outside the SA itself. The secular bands I have played with typically have a couple of pieces of...
  5. P_S_Price

    Ripponden Motors

    Sometime during the 1990's I occasionally played with and depped for (On trombone) a Band near Ripponden, who at that time were known as the Ripponden Motors Band. I havent heard about them in years; and as their main Sponsor, Ripponden motors is no longer trading as such (Or I cant find them...
  6. P_S_Price

    Bah Humbug - Move em On

    Yet again this year Rochdale Cit Band have been "Re-located" due to complaints to shopping centre management from Shopkeepers in the Middleton Shopping centre (Any one familiar with the place will know that it is exactly a commercial hotbed). The usual stuff : Cant hear, Footfall, Obstruction...
  7. P_S_Price

    WHat has happened to McQueens in Manchester.

    Been up there twice recently to find them shuttered and Barred. Does anybody know if they have closed down? No Information on their website
  8. P_S_Price

    Rochdale Citadel Band Celebrates 125 Years

    The Weekend commencing the 29th October celebrates the existence of RCB for 125 Years. Past members and Players have been invited back for the weekend. Andrew and Sue Blyth are leading the weekend. A Massed Rehersal (including past and current members) is taking place on the Saturday at...
  9. P_S_Price

    Another Copyright Question

    I have bought an arrangement of the Vulture song from the Jungle Book film. If I put different words to this music, but just play it from the unaltered music that I bought (ie the singers learn the tune and counter part but just use alternative words) is this legal?
  10. P_S_Price

    Jackson (While Shepherds Watched - Oldham Favourite)

    Having Played Christmas carols in and around the Oldham Saddleworth area for many years now, Bands I have played for have often been asked for the 'Jackson' arrangement of "Whilst Shepherds Watched". However as this is a Regional tune we dont have it in our Carol Books. As the tune is out of...
  11. P_S_Price

    Can I come n play with you please?

    Hi All, As usually happens in the summer, RCB are shutting down practices whilst peeps go on holiday. Therefore I am looking for a band to keep me lip in. Am prepared to play anything that I can manage (ie 3rd Cornet/Horn/Bari/Euph/Tenor Trom/Eb Bass). If you have a player on holiday and...
  12. P_S_Price

    Rochdale Citadel Band @ Stotfold 2nd July 2011

    Rochdale Citadel Band had our last practice before the weekend concerts at Stotfold commencing with the first one at 7pm on Saturday. Pieces played over the weekend will include : Joyful Joyful I am so Glad Daniel Just as I am I will Follow Him (R.I.P. Goff thank you) Glorifico Aeternum...
  13. P_S_Price

    ISB at Rochdale Citadel

    International Staff Band The Salvation Army Newgate Rochdale Sunday May 22nd at 10.30am and 16:00pm Addmission at either time is free at the citadel :wow on May 21st. The visit of the band to Rochdale Citadel is due to the band being in the area (Bacup - Royal Court Theatre) for a...
  14. P_S_Price

    RCB 125th Anniversary Reunion.

    Hi, To celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Rochdale Citadel Band, Our anniversay weekend will include a Band Reunion. Any and all former members of Rochdale Citadel Band (whether still in the SA or not) are welcome to come along. This is taking place the weekend of the 29th of October 2011...
  15. P_S_Price

    How are the Mighty Fallen?

    In Light of the recent couple of test matches. Who would be your England (Perrenial Losers suddenly finding form), and who your Aussies (Ultra Big Heads struggling with no longer being Great) in the Brass Band world? Any similarities between a recent contest purely unintentional. (Tongue...
  16. P_S_Price

    RCB Christmas Programme

    Rochdale Citadel Band had its Christmas Programme sorted out at Band practice last night. 13 Events doesnt seem that many really for an SA Band in this period. Of those 13 though 3 events are playing for in excess of 5 hours. :-| We are also doing the GM Fire Brigade Carol Service in...
  17. P_S_Price

    Who Played at Old Trafford

    Does anybody know who the Band was that played at the Rugby Legaue Final at Old Trafford at the weekend?
  18. P_S_Price

    Long Recess

    Our band has now not had a practice since the 9th of July, and it looks like the earliest we will rehearse is now the 26th of August (which I suspect we wont as it is just before the BHW). That will be the longest Summer layoff for us as far as I can remember. What are other (Non School...
  19. P_S_Price

    John Packer Ltd - An experience

    For those of you with training/School Bands, You might be interested to hear about my experience with the above company. (Web site On the 17th of June 2010 I ordered from them one of their own make Euphoniums. At the time of ordering I was told that delivery would be...
  20. P_S_Price

    Quality of Published Music Print.

    As eveyone can see from my profile Every band I have properly been a member of has been a Salvation Army Band. I have therefore got used to, what I think is the consistently good and regular print quality of SA published music. Its only when I play with non SA-groups and see the variations...