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  1. euphonium_john

    Old Hall Brass - Finals - Open Rehearsal

    Old Hall Brass will be holding an open rehearsal on Friday September 18th. This rehearsal will take place at Pemberton Band’s Band Room, 115 Tunstall Lance, Pemberton, Wigan WN5 9HR At the rehearsal visitors and supporters will be able to listen to the band in their final preparations of...
  2. euphonium_john

    Old Hall Brass (NW 3rd Section) BBb Bass & Front Row Cornet

    Like most bands Old Hall are short of a Cornet Player - there's a vacancy on our front row........ We also need a BBb bass player for the areas too. Like all bands on here we are 'friendly and hardworking' - but genuinely - most of us our friendly!! Have a look at our website...
  3. euphonium_john

    Old Hall Brass, Nr. Wigan - Need a 2nd man down - for the National Finals & beyond...

    Old Hall's next engagement is the 3rd section national finals. We need an experienced 2nd man down to complete the team. The band is a good bunch and we'd welcome you down.... If you're interested, come and see what we do - details of where we are and what we do are on our website...
  4. euphonium_john

    OLD HALL BRASS (Wigan) Require Experienced Bumper up

    Old Hall Brass (North West Area 3rd Section regional qualifiers) are looking to recruit an experienced 'Bumper Up' to support our blossoming Solo cornet player. The ideal candidate will have played at a high level, be technically proficient and have good stamina - and would wish to impart...
  5. euphonium_john

    Front Row and Basses for Whit Friday.

    Due to late work commitments, Old Hall Brass require a front row cornet player and an Eb or Bb bass player for Whit Friday. We are leaving our bandroom at 5pm. or we can meet you en route! Please message me of give Paul a call on 07889 271291 if you can help out!
  6. euphonium_john

    Old Hall Brass - North West 3rd Section - Tenor Horn Vacancy

    Hi. Our band need the services of a Tenor Horn player for the upcoming Area contest in March. If interested - please PM me - or give me a ring on 07973 781924 Many thanks. John North (MD)
  7. euphonium_john

    Old Hall - BBb Bass 16th December - in the Afternoon - Near WIgan

    Hi All. OHB need a BBb bass player - for our Christmas Concert - it's a fairly short half - in the afternoon - at a place called Roby Mill - near Wigan. - email me ( if you can help. Thanks!
  8. euphonium_john

    Old Hall Brass - Whit Friday

    ..........and relax - all sorted and full up now
  9. euphonium_john

    Buxton 2012

    Old Hall - third
  10. euphonium_john

    Paddy's North-West Area - 2012

    Think Champ is at 2:30 - third section starts at 9:45
  11. euphonium_john

    Peter Gane Horn Mutes

    Hi . We (the Music Cellar) have 1 straight in stock, if you would like that one.
  12. euphonium_john

    Brass at the guild who's going

    Third Section that I know of:- Lostock Blackpool Old Hall Rivington Longridge in top section
  13. euphonium_john

    Band near Leeds

  14. euphonium_john

    Old Hall Brass announce four new signings

    I'm delighted we've signed a player of Debbie's standard and experience - and having made a few key moves around the stand this is nearly the last piece in the Jigsaw - with now the only vacancy being 2nd trombone. I'm also thrilled to have the recruits join us from our Community Band. The band...
  15. euphonium_john

    Old Hall Brass (NW 3rd Section) trombone player required.

    2nd Trombone Player Required - that's all! We rehearse in Roby Mill, near Wigan (5mins from J26 of the M6). If you are interested, please contact Paul Sudworth on 07889 271291, or via . You can also contact the band via our website at ...
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    We've used Allianz from both sides of the counter. Where they really excel is when you have to make a claim - compared with other insurers we deal with, specialist - or house hold - their service is definitely the best.
  17. euphonium_john


    We can't recommend Allianz Musical Insurance highly enough - having had two claims ourselves recently - excellent sorted out.... More details here:-
  18. euphonium_john

    Old Hall Brass Need 4th Man for Sunday 18th Dec

    We just need a front row parper for our Christmas Concert at St Teresa's Catholic Club, College Road, Up Holland, WN8 0PYl - 2pm If you're free PM me! Thanks! John
  19. euphonium_john

    Cornet Gig Bags

    Tom & Will bags are good value, not too heavy - and we sell them (Music Cellar)