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  1. Red Elvis

    Wessex Tubas

    I'm not one generally for bigging up commercial concerns but wanted to post a quick word of appreciation for service received from Jonathan at Wessex Tubas - phoned up yesterday morning to enquire about availability of gig bags for an EEb Sov , got the word on which size to order , placed said...
  2. Red Elvis

    Lt-Col Ray Steadman-Allen

    Just hearing word tonight that Lt Col Ray Steadman-Allen has been Promoted to Glory. A sad loss to those of us from an SA background, although he was a good age . A true giant of SA brass banding.
  3. Red Elvis

    Tuba Gig Bags - London / South East

    Afternoon all Thanks to some massive incompetence from Amazon (yes , we'll take your money , confirm your order and then wait four days till day of delivery to tell you there are none in stock!!!!), I am trying to get hold of a Tuba Gig bag by Sunday Anyone know of any shops in London / South...
  4. Red Elvis

    BBBR - e mail down !!

    Just a word to any contest secretaries out there that may be sweating pending weekend contests - the Registry's e mail has been down for a period and I'm told that Colin has also been off sick. Just spoken to a very helpful lady called Ann ( who I believe is contest sec with Yorkshire Imps) -...
  5. Red Elvis

    Baritone Mouthpiece advice

    After 3 years or so of playing EEb bass , I'm giving Baritone a try again after some player moves. The band instrument is a Stirling , fairly free blowing ( at least based on one nights experience !! ), smallish bore ( I think but it would be coming from bass!!) but comes with an old DW 6BS...
  6. Red Elvis

    RIP a true hero....

    Major Richard "Dick" Winters , CO of Easy Company , 506th Reg 101st Airborne Division , US Army died on 2nd Jan but news has only been released in last day or so.The story of Major Winters and his men was told in "Band of Brothers". The word "hero" is overused , and from what I've read and...
  7. Red Elvis

    SA xmas cd?

    Browsing through HMV this pm I picked up a two cd recording called "The Salvation Army;The Joy of Christmas". Details here First CD of the two sounds ok , all fairly solid but the second slightly less so , to say the...
  8. Red Elvis

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    I've toyed with this on the Election Thread and latterly on the Snow one. Here's my position: Is global warming occurring ? Yes , I believe it is , mostly as a result of bounce-back from the last Ice Age. Has anthropogenic / man made activity contributed to this ? Quite possibly , although...
  9. Red Elvis

    FAO 2md !!

    Hi Crawf ! I'm going to be away all weekend and not near a computer. Please note the following messages which I would have posted tomorrow and delete as appropriate ! :) 1) Harold Wilson , Patrick Stewart , James Mason ,Derek Ibbotson , Roy Castle ... Can you hear me ? Cos your boys took a...
  10. Red Elvis

    Leicester Open 2010

    Hi All Anyone know the date for the Leicester Open this year - I'm assuming it will be November time ? Need to know before I plan a social event that might otherwise clash ! Have tried e mailing the various contacts on the Association's website but my computer is not having it. Many Thanks
  11. Red Elvis

    Band at Murrayfield

    Just watching the rugby - which band was it playing the French ntional anthem ?
  12. Red Elvis

    Help !! 4/5 piece needed for carols, central London 3rd Dec

    Hi All Short notice I know but any help available ? We at University College London Hospital hold an open night every year in run-up to Christmas , this year on 3rd December. Normally an ensemble from Regent Hall Band come and play for half hour / 45 mins or so from about 1730. This...
  13. Red Elvis

    TMPers at Glastonbury ??

    So Blur had a Euph in the brass set up , but more conclusive proof of our influence - whilst watching the Boss on the telly Sat night I noticed the very promininent banner at the front of the crowd reading "I ( heart) Sausages" !!! Who was responsible !! ?? Mr Perks ??
  14. Red Elvis

    Vitae Aeternum - Questions for the SA crowd !!

    Hi All "Vitae Aeternum" is one of my favourites at the moment , both to play and listen too (PLC is one of my favourite composers). Just a couple of questions for the Salvationists out there - being ex SA myself I'm familiar with "His Provision" ( one of the melodies used in the middle...
  15. Red Elvis

    Giving up the demon weed !!

    Hi All Taking the plunge ( again !!) and kicking the habit.Having tried "Cold Turkey" at beginning of year and managing till May this time I've enlisted help of patches etc ! Any hints and tips to keep me on straight and narrow ? Phil
  16. Red Elvis

    Anyone from Briggus ?

    Hi there Leyfy and I went to give Frickley and South Elmsall a hand on Saturday at the NHS demo in London . While we were waiting we got talking to a coach driver who spotted our instruments , and it turns out he is the regular driver for B&R so knew his bands . He worked for "Scotts" or...
  17. Red Elvis

    Eb Bass Marching Straps ?

    Hi All Any recommendations as to where to get hold of a Marching strap for an Eb bass , preferably somewhere local for London ? Rosehill don't do them and neither do Phil Parkers . Cheers !
  18. Red Elvis

    Herb Alpert

    Here's one for the trumpet players out there ! We were having a quiet night in the local last night , and the landlord , being a fan , put on the BBC1 documentary about "The Carpenters". Fairly early on appeared the co-manager of A and M records , the label that first signed them , one...
  19. Red Elvis

    29 years ago today.....

    ....since the King , Elvis Aaron Presley left us . I was only seven and staying at my granmother's at the time . So today I have my black tie on at work and his music playing in my office . Any of you lot remember what you were doing / where you were that day ? Any more fans out there...
  20. Red Elvis

    St Helens v Leeds - Which Band ?

    Sat down my local last night and prevailed upon the landlord to stick the Rugby League on , which he did but without sound as they are all union boys down here. Anyway , in the build-up to the game a band make their way onto the pitch - no uniforms as such , as well wrapped up in coats etc(...