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  1. Curiosity_Kills

    Publishing and Ideas

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping to use this thread as a sort of open brainstorm for a business idea I had some time back but lack the expertise to implement it. So, any comments, advice, ideas, offering of services, etc will be greatly received. Some time ago, A friend and I were going to enter into a...
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    Musical Knowledge?

    I was curious as to everyone's musical tastes so I've decided to set up this poll and see what sort of results we get ... It's also related to a chat I was having with a friend about whether Brass band music has created it's own niche away from the developments of other musical genres.
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    Greetings all. A Friend and I are looking to start up a music publishing company and we wondered if anyone could give any advice? We are currently designing and configuring a website.
  4. Curiosity_Kills

    The tMP English Dictionary

    Right, The rules of the game are simple. 1.) Invent a word - e.g. Shamquocks 2.) The next poster must come up with a definition for that word (e.g. A set of Rubber Culinery Utensils) and for those tricky words, a correct pronounciation (e.g. Sh-am-cw-ocks). Having done this, then they...
  5. Curiosity_Kills

    Bass Trom / E Flat or B flat Bass, West or South Yorks., Champ

    Rob Newton contact me on 01484 328783 or E-mail Instruments Played: Bass Trombone, E Flat Bass or B Flat Bass (at a push) Comfortable Section: Champ or lower on Bass Trombone or E Flat Bass, B Flat Bass 1st or lower Notice Required: For Huddersfield Area, maybe...
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    Control President Bush

    Click Here Basically, you can program him to say what you want - and you can also save them. Lots of fun for the anti-war people amongst us
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    Advice needed on Brass Tuition

    Recently i finished my 3 years at Huddersfield University and have had to face up to the daunting thought that the government isn't going to be giving me a nice big student loan cheque. Naturally, i have to set my mind on the scary 'j' word (job) and earn myself some money to survive on...
  8. Curiosity_Kills

    How many Rich Africans?

    How many of these style e-mails do you get in a week? I want to know if it's just me who gets plagued by the 'supposed' african elite ... From Mrs Helen Lamine Abidjan Cote D' Ivoire West Africa Dear Friend, WITH THE BEST COMPLIMENTS OF THE YEAR, I wish to solicit your help in...
  9. Curiosity_Kills

    Quartet Competitions

    Hello Everybody/Anybody I'm looking for a competition in which to enter a trombone quartet. Sadly, putting 'Quartet Competitions' in only chucks up ... 1.) Band's/Quartet's homepages listing all the competitions that they've won 2.) Events that are a bit prestigious for the likes...
  10. Curiosity_Kills

    Extreme Tromboning - The Future ... ?

    CALLING ALL TROMBONISTS Myself and 3 friends recently started a trombone quartet, known as 'the Extreme Trombonists' - Long story involving trombones, extreme ironing and a rogue euphonium (*cough* Neil Glynn *cough*) Anyway, we were negotiating possibly sorting out a mini-tour, i.e. go...
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    N/a - Official Poll

    ...just vote
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    Right, we now all know how the Person before ... thread works ... New twist! (mwhahaha!) You have to state a connexion between yourself and the person who has posted before you ... I'm just hoping Naruco hasn't copyrighted her idea .... ;)
  13. Curiosity_Kills

    ... Fancy yourself as a [Comedy] Writer?

    ...Meh... I don't know why i started this thread ... i'm just showing off a bit of writing i've done, and you can actually click 'woof' on my signature and it takes you to where this was written for ... the Spoof Website for the Huddersfield Youth Brass Ensemble Association .... hehehe - a...
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    Still Xmas in tMPland?

    still xmas?
  15. Curiosity_Kills

    Bass Trombone / E flat Bass / BB flat Bass dep needed?

    Hi everybody I have decided to offer my services as a dep for concerts on the above instruments [any instrument that has 'Bass' in it's name] As i am currently a member of Huddersfield Brass, contests are likely to be out of the question ... but i'll negotiate. Unfortunatly, places i...
  16. Curiosity_Kills

    Freelance dating

    Hello everybody - discovering that BigMamaBadger's dating agency has disappeared into the archive of tMP, i don't believe i got matched up *sigh*. anyways ... Any ladies interested in a 19 year old Bass Trombonist let me know or should BigMamaBadger fancy setting me up with someone i'd be...
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  18. Curiosity_Kills

    A different kind of brass ...

    After posting on 'the person before ...' thread, i came across this advert ... "Trombones a speciality Tenor, Bb/F, bass, valve, alto Cases, gig bags, mouthpieces, mutes Trombone Mouthpiece Trombone Mouthpiece for sale. aff Check out the deals now! Kelly Lexan Mouthpieces...
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    Who exactly is in the BOC Bro house? every now and then a Mod pops up! It's quite bizarre! :?
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    tMP Composer's Competition

    So then, How is everyone coming along with the competition? Whoops, Could the Mods possibly add the poll option and get rid of the [ b ] and [ /b ], please