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  1. IckleSop

    Cornet Soloist competition pieces for a junior

    Hi all ive been out of the music world for sometime now and wondered if anyone had any suggestions for a cornet solo my 8 year old daughter could play? She has a good range and isn't a bad player for her age group, I'm just stuck for ideas! Thank you
  2. IckleSop

    Sold/Expired Wanted Urgently a Bb cornet for beginner manchester

    Hey all, Just had to give back a cornet My daughter was borrowing from another band And wondered If anyone had a basic cornet for sale in manchester cheers email me
  3. IckleSop

    Help People :-)

    Any suggestions for a sop solo for a soloist comp I havnt got a clue as the piece i wanted to play........................................... well was a little too hard :-) I want something pretty dainty, something that reflects me really :tup ;)
  4. IckleSop

    Getting to Know Youuuuuuuuuu....

    Hi Guys!!! Ive not been on TMP for around a year now :( Ive lost contact with alot of the people i know in the banding world. Happy Year to all too Well thinking about it to get to know people better, like an exercise in team building Tell your name and something random or factual or...
  5. IckleSop


    anyone know how to ease toothache and please dont say the dentish!
  6. IckleSop

    Soprano Cornet Manchester

    Been out of playing for a good 2 years, still kept my lip in thou!!! anyone looking for a soprno cornet player??? Pm me always willing to help!
  7. IckleSop


    Ive got a old cornet that needs an overhaul anyone got any recomendations???
  8. IckleSop

    Well havnt we all grown up!!!

    Hey hey hey hey! Long time ago since my last post!!!, Just battled my way though 25,745 messages!!! Anyway it seems im not upto date with the lastest with any tmper anymore!!! with not going to pontins for 2 years and generally not playing *sob*! To make me quickly upto date with new...
  9. IckleSop

    IsThis World Going Insane

    Im soooooo annoyed!!!! I took my little girl to her weekly tots club today and got talking to one of the mums there, i mentioned that i'd just bought a brand new play pen for my little girl and explained what it was like, its got a huge floor space and the bars are quite close together. She...
  10. IckleSop

    Hey Hey

    Hey there everyone Im Becky and have been a member of tmp for a loooooooooooong time!!!! not that thats bad!!! Just thought i'd add myself onto this list!!! Banding has currently taken a back seat in my life yet!!! i hope well most likely will get playing again soon. Keep saying i'll...
  11. IckleSop

    My News!!!!

    hiya all, I havn't posted for a while!!! Just wanted to share some very special news, 3 weeks ago i gave birth to a very healthy baby girl, Sarah Elizabeth Torrance weighting in at a grand 4lb 13oz. Im very proud of my little girl and just had to share the news! Thankyou for all the...
  12. IckleSop

    Funny Stories

    The Dishonest Note A man returned from shopping to find his car had been badly dented, and the culprit was no where in sight. As he got closer he felt relieved when he saw a note had been placed under his windshield-wiper. Laughing at himself for doubting the honesty of the average person...
  13. IckleSop

    London to Host the 2012 Olympics?

    Its it a good idea or not????? I think it will be top if we get the go ahead, accorinding to the news it seems promising!
  14. IckleSop


    Im going to glasgow at the end of Feb next year for my birthday!!! Can anyone recommend accomodation??? or places to go while im there, im going for 3 days
  15. IckleSop

    Why Do We Do What We Do????

    Looking at comments from people on some of the threads it sometimes makes me wonder why people even bother!!!! People moaning and arguing over pointless things, am i being too harsh??? Why do you play in a brass band, if you dont enjoy it?? or have i just seen people in bad moods
  16. IckleSop


    Im Bored, Bored of working hard!!!! Thats why i like Tmp to get me away from the reality of the phones ringing and people shouting at me, is anyone else just floating away in work with tmp? Plus Anyone like to recomend a New Avatar for me??? WInner gets a week of love :D
  17. IckleSop

    What is your Favourite Film ???

    I was talking to a friend last night about this and we could never decide what was our favourite was............... I think my favourite has to be......erm.........
  18. IckleSop


    Its Sunny!!!! After thursday, the thunder the rain i thought that we would never see it again im sick of rain!!! what are you doing to make use of the sun??? i think i'll have a bbq!
  19. IckleSop

    20 Questions

    Just Something I Got Passed At Work........... 1. if you throw a cat out of the window, does it become kitty litter? 2.If you choke a smurf, what color does it turn? 4. Is it ok to use an AM radio in the afternoon? 5.What do chickens think we taste like? 6.What do u call...
  20. IckleSop

    its all quiet!

    its all quiet in tmp land!!!! its a quiet night tonight!!!!! hardly anyone posting i wonder what everyone is upto in real life!!!!!! Ok ive passed bordom!!!