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  1. pedaller

    Darwen Brass 2nd Section NW Area

    U R G E N T – Wanted - Two players for the NW area Contest in Blackpool, Feb 2018. Darwen Brass, a 2nd section band based in Darwen, Lancashire are looking for two players, a 2nd trombone and a horn player (seat dependant on ability) for the NW Area contest in February 2018. Please contact the...
  2. pedaller

    Beta Blockers for contests?

    Pressure is inevitable, but I go back to 'what's the worst that can happen?'. The best bands in the UK have virtuosos who split a note. And of course it's a competition, which is one of my main points. Hussain Bolt isn't at the starting block thinking negatively, worrying about the audience, the...
  3. pedaller

    Beta Blockers for contests?

    Well to put it another way (from webmed): Simply put, stress and anxiety about performing in front of people causes performance anxiety. Confronting your fears and vulnerabilities, accepting yourself for who you are, and not feeling like you have to prove yourself to others, is the first step...
  4. pedaller

    Beta Blockers for contests?

    My partner works for the NHS as a low intensity CBT therapist. You should ask your GP to refer you to your local IAPT service (to a PWP) or you could do it yourself. Do the 4 W's. (What, Where, When and with Whom). Then do your 5 Areas (what's the situation, list your thoughts, emotions...
  5. pedaller

    Changing Mouthpiece

    Brian Evans used to swap mouthpieces and play an octave higher than written on a regular basis. I think that is quid pro quo !
  6. pedaller

    Best Trombone Players

    Surprised that no one has mentioned Frank Berry and Gordon Clough. Both had the "traditional" brass band sound, but also bags of musicianship and style. Excellent section leaders, and both stylish and emotionally involving players. Well done Bb mad for allowing us the opportunity to express our...
  7. pedaller

    Cornet Nev

    Please be advised that Neville Hounslow, aka Cornet Nev, passed away peacefully today. R.I.P. Nev. More details as they become known.
  8. pedaller

    New version of MuseScore

    Can all please note, Cornet Nev passed away peacefully today. R.I.P. Neville Hounslow.
  9. pedaller

    Who is your favourite Euphonium Player(s)?

    Without doubt, the most natural, stylish, complete and best Euphonium player has got to be John Clough. Just listen to how he brings out every nuance of the Euph part in any piece he plays, soloist, accompanist, or just as a band Euphonium player. He is, and always will be for me, the epitome of...
  10. pedaller

    Why did grimethorpe change principal

    Sorry halsasaurus, but the decision was probably a foregone conclusion as soon as Bob Childs moved to Grimethorpe. Why ? Well, I know that Bob and Roger were together as players at Brighouse, and , during my audition there, I saw how well they worked together. Also, having played with Iain...
  11. pedaller

    Darwen Brass require BBb Bass Player

    Due to the retirement of my esteemed colleague, Mr Kenneth Lofthouse, I now require a new BB partner. A look at my avatar/signature will advise you that I personally tend to inhabit the lower octave parts, so I'm looking for someone happy to play the music, more or less, as written. I would be...
  12. pedaller

    British Open 2015

    I can't help but feel appalled that a day before one of the most important contests in the calendar, there are still "errata" being issued. Who proofs these pieces ? It is an absolute joke that bands pay around £150-£200 for a score and parts that are not correct. I think a case could be made...
  13. pedaller

    2016 Area Test Piece Rumours

    Bob, can I be the first to congratulate you on being selected to provide this years' test. Is it possible you could please remove the tricky minim runs from the BBb bass part I've seen ? They have the potential for disaster in my opinion. Otherwise, a very enjoyable test.
  14. pedaller

    Brass Band 28/28 competition

    "Traditional Lancashire/Yorkshire " or "Re-organised " after 1971 ? ( ducks......) Just asking!
  15. pedaller

    Brass Bands:The Search for the Other

    :oops: Now, now Philip - you know irony is maligned and misunderstood on here ! ( Speaking as one who "decomposes" your compositions by adding the occasional pedal ! ) :redface:
  16. pedaller

    Have you got cancer?

    All the best from your old friends at Darwen, Nev.
  17. pedaller

    Delph Band: missing instruments from band room.

    But, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, Jim.
  18. pedaller

    Cheesy Music

  19. pedaller

    Percussion, is it really needed?

    On the other hand.....just look at all the extra "colouring" percussion can add to a piece. We are very limited in tone colour compared to wind/military bands and orchestras, and there are finite combinations of instruments which can be used to vary the sound. Percussion enhances our ability to...
  20. pedaller

    Exciting Openers.

    What about Fest Music der Stadt Wien. A bit of work should see you right as a 3rd section band. I think Eric Banks did the arrangement, but someone will correct me if I'm usual.