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  1. Keppler

    Roger Thorne

    Very sorry to hear of the passing of Roger Thorne. I'd fallen out of touch over the last while, but I will remember his goodwill and hard work toward this community, as well as his love of a good (or bad) pun. Only met him a couple of times, but his generosity and hospitality were obvious and to...
  2. Keppler

    David James RIP.

    Coming out of posting retirement to also pass on my respect for DJ, and to express my sympathies to Rita & family, and to his close friends. I first met DJ only a few years ago, and really have only spent a few hours in his company. That small amount of time though was enough to be impacted by...
  3. Keppler

    Ascertaining the manufacturing date of a B&H Clarinet

    I've heard you can tell the age by the colour smoke it makes when it burns... or by counting the rings when you take a cross-section cut.. on topic - first google post yields if that's any use?
  4. Keppler

    Divertimento - Eric Ball

    I wonder was it inspired by EB, or just a coincidence that the titles are the same. Anyway, back on topic Kepps - anyone able to find a recording?
  5. Keppler

    Divertimento - Eric Ball

    Another old thread. Closest match I can find from a quick web-trawl is on Bridgewater Hall 2002 with a trombone solo called "The Passing Years" I expect that's a coincidence, though, as I recall the 2nd mvt of Ball's Divertimento isn't a trombone solo. That's really not very helpful, but...
  6. Keppler

    Little cross box

    Looks like a theming issue. I expect the imagery is still safe and stuff - We'll put it on the list of stuff to get sorted!
  7. Keppler

    I love cheese!!!!

    And the award for best necro of the week goes to... *baffled* How did you even find this?
  8. Keppler

    Google CHROME browser

    For any non-tech-savvy people out there thinking of switching to this to try it out, remember it's a BETA! Carpet bomb attacks identified yesterday
  9. Keppler


    Click the "Your Tools" link from the blue bar, click the "Edit Options" link from the left hand navigation bar. 4th box down the page is "Default Thread Subscription Mode" - Switch this to "Do not Subscribe"
  10. Keppler

    Cornet players - top A trill?

    We're all lovely people who don't intentionally bait folks here, aren't we? Yes, Kepps.
  11. Keppler

    The Chatting Room

    Mentalness moved to a suitable asylum.
  12. Keppler

    Do you have a windfarm near you... careful!

    Classic! This guy's got a real sense of the big picture.
  13. Keppler

    Never stop playing!

    It's not that the tips aren't welcome - or that they're not the right things to be doing. I'm just missing the small "in-between" things which bridge the intention to do something and the effect of doing it. For a simple indicative example - how do I "arch" my tongue? How do I know if it's...
  14. Keppler

    Never stop playing!

    *waves* From a quick perusal, I see that despite my extended afk, I am still in the top 30 posters ever! Bunch of slackers!
  15. Keppler

    Never stop playing!

    Well - hullo to all the old names, and the new ones. I don't know if I should be glad that I've been able to get through the first couple of rehearsals without disgracing myself too badly, or to cry that it's taken me so little time to get to a stage where I think I'm not disgracing myself. I...
  16. Keppler

    tMP Regional Prediction Competition 2006

    I was expecting to see sean connery in there from that comment... seeing me on the system is, as usual, the result for forgetting to delete my own random testing data. If I'd come higher up, it would have done wonders for the "pick-by-alphabet" method, and I predict the number of bands with...
  17. Keppler

    tMP Regional Prediction Competition 2006

    Final results now up. Congratulations to PHA161 with 205 points, and to IYOUNG and Steve Gittins close behind with 194. High scoring, and quite close! Well done folks.
  18. Keppler

    tMP Regional Prediction Competition 2006

    Results for weekend's 3 sections now compiled.
  19. Keppler

    tMP Regional Prediction Competition 2006

    Indeed. In light of NW starting tomorrow, I have reopened entries for this section. It will auto-close at midnight tonight. Sorry about the premature closure ;)
  20. Keppler

    tMP Regional Prediction Competition 2006

    Some big scorers in round one - have they been worn out by a big early effort, or do they have the stamina to carry on through the contest. There's a long way to go yet. Tune in for round two...