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  1. Curiosity_Kills

    The Grumpy Old Rant Room

    Why do Women always leave it down?
  2. Curiosity_Kills

    Caption Competition - March 2009

    Someone neglected to mention to the 2nd trombonist that it's all well and good providing cues for the principal, but a duet generally requires both to play ...
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    Publishing and Ideas

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping to use this thread as a sort of open brainstorm for a business idea I had some time back but lack the expertise to implement it. So, any comments, advice, ideas, offering of services, etc will be greatly received. Some time ago, A friend and I were going to enter into a...
  4. Curiosity_Kills

    Room 101

    French Horns are great ... much better than those miniature Baritones. Could I put myself in Room 101 to rescue the Horns? That awful degradation of the English language known as txtspk can remain in there though. I'd like to commit the music that gets played when you're on hold on...
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    Sold/Expired Whit Friday Delph Photos 2008

    Hade Edge played Knight Templar for the contest and Let Me Entertain You as a road march
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    Bad Joke Thread....

    A little risque ... maybe ... but I'm going to stick my neck out q. What do you do if a bird craps on your car? a. Don't arrange a second date Knock Knock Who's There? Steve Reich Steve Reich who? Steve Reich Steve Reich who? Steve Reich Steve Reich who? Steve Reich Steve...
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    Stupid Proverbs!

    ... lose their socks in the wash If the day may seem a curse, ...
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    The tMP English Dictionary

    The practice of setting a brass band march as underscoring against a heated debate on the popular philosophical conundrum about what came first. Vuggness
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    What are you listening to at the moment.........

    the sound of a housemate cooking juxtaposed with a distant sounding pop-song from another housemate's room upstairs ... It's like a John Cage Symphony ...
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    Composing Competition...

    Personally, with 3 hours to compose something worthy of winning a competition, if I had someone asking me for updates every 30 minutes or whatever. I'd probably tell them to 'sod off' ... Maybe that's just me. I can't deny that the the idea itself is interesting and original ... just...
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    Composing Competition...

    As much as I like this idea ... I think it is a little impractical ... It has already been mentioned that the speed at which a composer composes bares no relevance upon the quality of the music produced. This sort of competition could also potentially produce a lot of 'wishy-washy' pieces...
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    An empty jam jar
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    A-Z of "Couples"

    Sixes and Sevens
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    Brightly coloured fishing lures
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    The Limerick contest

    But then in the morning ...
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    Musical Knowledge?

    set up now ...
  17. Curiosity_Kills

    Musical Knowledge?

    I was curious as to everyone's musical tastes so I've decided to set up this poll and see what sort of results we get ... It's also related to a chat I was having with a friend about whether Brass band music has created it's own niche away from the developments of other musical genres.
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    Bad Joke Thread....

    Q: How can you tell the Trombonists Child at the playground? A: They'll be the one that can't swing and don't know how to use the slide. Q: A Mini containing 40 Cornets rolls over a cliff. Why is this a bad thing? A: There was still room for a Sop. in the Glove Box Did you know that if all...