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  1. markyboy

    Sold/Expired Free to a good home . 15 Salvation Army Scores without parts .

    Would anyone like to have 15 Salvation Army scores ( but no parts ) dating from 1914 to the early 1970's ? Rescued from a paper recyclers , each score has between 4 and 6 pieces by the likes of Ray Steadman- Allen , Kenneth Downie , Edward Gregson , Michael Kenyon , Robert Redhead and of course...
  2. markyboy

    Meltham require 1st Horn for Senior Trophy 11th May

    Hello everyone . Due to a last minute work problem , Meltham and Meltham Mills Band ( Huddersfield ) require a 1st Horn for The Senior Trophy , Saturday May 11th . The piece is ' Journey Into Freedom' and we can borrow on a day transfer from anyone not already in the contest , or The British...
  3. markyboy

    Sold/Expired Pennine Brass concert jackets for sale

    Pennine Brass are selling off their concert jackets that are black waist length , burnt orange lapels and gold eppaullettes . There are 33 jackets of various sizes , and we are offering them as a job lot for £1500 ono , which works out as £45 per jacket . Regards viewing or purchasing ...
  4. markyboy

    Sold/Expired Various mutes for sale

    Pennine Brass are still in the process of disposing of our assets and have a selection of mutes for sale as follows : Tenor Horn mutes : 2 x Peter Gane and 1 unbranded at £15 each . Euphonium mutes : 2 x Peter Gane and 1 Humes and Berg at £25 each Bass mutes ; 3 x Humes and Berg ( for Eb...
  5. markyboy

    Sold/Expired Courtois Eb and Bb Basses for sale

    Pennine Brass are in the process of selling off the instruments that belonged to the band and are offering 1 Courtois Eb Bass ( model 180 ) and 2 Bb Basses ( 181 ) for sale at £1000 each .They have been valued by a well known retailer at £1200 each but for a quick sale we are prepared to let...
  6. markyboy

    Pennine Brass announce new MD

    Pennnine Brass are delighted to announce Huw Thomas as the band's new Musical Director to succeed Ian Porthouse who recently left after eight and a half highly successful years to conduct The Tredegar Band. Huw (33) originally hails from South Wales and studied at Birmingham Conservatoire...
  7. markyboy

    Fiddler On The Roof

    Does anyone have a set of 'Fiddler On The Roof' arranged by Edrich Siebert that they could lend us ? It has been requested at a concert Pennine Brass are doing in a few weeks and we would be very grateful if someone could help . Thanks , Mark
  8. markyboy

    When did Boosey merge with Hawkes please ?

    Hi Everyone. Just wondered if anyone could tell me the exact year Boosey merged with Hawkes ? The reason I'm asking is I am selling a vintage 'Hawkes and Son' Soprano Cornet on Ebay. When I bought this instrument myself the lady who sold it said she thaught it was made in 1918 but other people...
  9. markyboy

    Cancellation of JJB March & Hymn Tune Contest

    Hi Everyone. Just had a phone call from a very dissapointed Frank Hodges to tell me that the JJB Sports March and Hymn Contest on 4th June has been cancelled due to the sponsor withdrawing. Frank took the time to ring me in person for which I'm very grateful, he also assured me that all...
  10. markyboy

    Brighouse March Contest Results

    Overall winners Hepworth , winning Best Band on March, Best Hymn (Myfanwy) and Best Contest March (The Wizzard). Second Place overall Pennine Brass playing Nearer my God to Thee and Mephistopheles. Third place overall Wigates playing Nearer my God and The Wizzard. Fourth place overall Holme...
  11. markyboy

    Area performance recordings?

    Just wondered if anyone could tell me anymore about the Area recordings that seem to be available. A couple of people have mentioned that they have them and I would love to hear our performance again. Please let me know how you have got hold of them. Many thanks Mark
  12. markyboy

    Sold/Expired Getzen Soprano long model for sale

    For Sale; Getzen Eterna long model Soprano Cornet. This instrument is in laquer and is about 15 years old, but in first class condition. It comes with original Getzen case and Getzen soprano mouthpiece. £130 or nearest offer, p&p £7 in the UK. Closing offers 7/12/03 (al a ebay!).
  13. markyboy

    Soprano player Yorks/surrounding areas

    I know there are quite a few soprano players already on this forum who are pretty well known, but I dont mind helping anyone out if I can. I'm sure you may have already seen my not too exiting postings elsewhere but if you need a sop player for Yorkshire and surounding counties (or maybe even...
  14. markyboy

    Sold/Expired Wanted; kosicup soprano mouthpiece.

    If any one has a Kosicup soprano cornet mouthpiece that they would be prepared to sell, please contact me on 01484 841561 or 07773 861451. Condition is unimportant.