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  1. horn1

    Open Source MIDI Sequencer

    Has anyone ever used a good open source sequencer? I want to replace Cubase at school and haven't a clue what the best plan is. Any ideas??
  2. horn1

    The BT Band onTV!!!!

    As part of The BT Bands 40th Aniversary celebrations the band will appear tonight on Granada Reports at 6.10. The program will be looking at the band's history, the 40th Aniversary celebrations and our quest for new sponsorship. Also a quick reminder about the 40th Aniversary Party tomorrow...
  3. horn1

    Another sign brass is dying out???

    I've just read the examiners report from this years EDEXCEL Music GCSE and it was pretty scary reading for brass players! Acording to Edexcels statistics in a sample of 15000 performances 'piano, voice, keyboard, drums and guitar have made up 72% of the performances.. there was a consequent...
  4. horn1

    Rochdale Youth Orchestra

    Rochdale Youth Orchestra (President - Lisa Stansfield) WELCOMES NEW MEMBERS! STRING WOODWIND BRASS PERCUSSION Expert orchestral tuition with qualified tutors...
  5. horn1

    Voice Recognition Software - Voice to text. Help!!

    I just wondered if anyone had any experience with voice regonition software? Basically I'm teaching a project on music and storytelling to my year 8's at the minute and have found a great recording of Scheherazade with the stories narrated. The only problem is there's no chance that the little...
  6. horn1

    Training Band in Ashton-u-lyne

    I've got a pupils at school who has real potential on euph and is desperate to join a training band. However he lives in Ashton and has no transport and all the training bands I know are in Saddleworth which is too far. Has anyone any ideas?? Thanks Nicola x
  7. horn1

    Help! Musical Clipart needed!!!

    Hi everyone! I'm going for a job interview on Wednesday and as part of that I need to prepare a powerpoint presentation. I really want a funky musical character to narrate (sp?) the presentation but can't find one :( I would use my avatar but the picture quality isn't good enough. If anyone...
  8. horn1

    Sold/Expired Private Brass Tuition

    I'm a classroom music teacher who also teaches brass (mostly cornet and horn) privately. The students I have are mostly through my bands youth band. I'm interested in finding more students (due to an impending morgage) but don't really know how to go about it. Does anyone have any tips on free...
  9. horn1

    Pennine Brass at Boarshurst Band Club

    Pennine Brass are playing at Boarshurst Band Club on Sunday 12th October. The concert starts at 8pm and should be a good one!!! See you there!!
  10. horn1

    Dentists and brass players

    I just thought I'd see if anyone else has had similar exeriences to me or if they can help. When my adult teeth came through (many moons ago) I was left with a gap as one of my front teeth had stayed up in the gum. After much messing about (to brace or not to brace etc.) I had the tooth removed...
  11. horn1

    Boarshurst Band present The Lordsmere Cup

    On Saturday 28th June Boarshurst Band are holding The Lordsmere Cup Quickstep Contest at their bandroom in Greenfield. It's looking as if it's going to be a great day, it all kicks off at 4pm and their are about 10 bands playing at the moment. If you're not playing come down for the beer...
  12. horn1

    Whit Friday - Bands on telly!!!

    If anyone fancies a laugh..... during the week leading up to Whit Friday Granada Reports are doing a feature on different bands and Whit Friday! (apologies to those not in the North West! :( ) The bands featured are Wardle High School Youth Band (Monday) Boarshurst (Greenfield) Silver Band (...