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  1. Dianamite

    The person before...

    ^played a concert with the 2006 Champion NABBA band
  2. Dianamite

    Results: North American Brass Band Championships

    Thanks alot, BUNNY!!! :mad:
  3. Dianamite

    Diana Herak and the BBC to premiere new Pete Meechan piece

    Simon, this is for you (in my whiniest, shrillest, highest pitched voice)- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!!!! :)
  4. Dianamite

    Resident Evil 4

    Sorry I was just giving Nuke **** because his thread had sat there for over a week and no-one had replied to it. It was a sympathy post really. Now I'm sad! :(
  5. Dianamite

    Resident Evil 4

    I think you are really, really sad.....! The only thing I can think of that's any sadder is this thread.....
  6. Dianamite

    Hello from Columbus, Ohio USA

    But I never say "no"- JUST KIDDING!!!
  7. Dianamite

    Another HBB premiere

    NO RECORDINGS!!!!!:mad: :biggrin:
  8. Dianamite

    HBB and BBCbari team up for a "Transatlantic" Connection

    Congrats BBCBari + HBB on a fantastic premiere yesterday! Even in the sweltering heat... And also to HBB who had to play solo horn (you have a lovely tone, btw...!)
  9. Dianamite

    HBB and BBCbari team up for a "Transatlantic" Connection

    I'll be laughing at you laughing at Pat......
  10. Dianamite

    Seed of Chucky

  11. Dianamite

    Anyone going to GABBF?

    An excellent festival!!! Our band back home (Brass Band of Columbus) has played there several times. I'm supposed to be playing with the Athena Band there this year, but I'm here in England! Oh well....
  12. Dianamite

    Euph4ria Tuba Quartet

    I'll be there too!!!
  13. Dianamite

    Should non-British Bands get a free pass into the British Open

    Actually, as a board member of the North American Brass Band Association, I can say we HAVE had the discussion about whether or not to allow foreign bands to compete at our contest. The problem for us is, theoretically, many foreign bands could come over to our contest and "cherry-pick" our top...
  14. Dianamite

    Official 'Happy Birthday' thread

    Happy B-Day! Happy Birthday Nuke!!! Hope your fractured wrist doesn't get in the way of your celebrations too much!
  15. Dianamite

    Stannington Brass Band vacancy

    Could I just play the 2nd t-bone parts on my baritone? :) I could miss a lot of notes, and play out of tune....and no one would notice the difference..... he he heeeeee!
  16. Dianamite

    Anyone need they're screen cleaning?

    I still love it- thanks Seedhouse!!!!! :)
  17. Dianamite

    Is your screen dirty?

    Yes!!!! We've gone through several sets of blinds also....... they also like licking plastic bags, strangely enough...
  18. Dianamite

    Is your screen dirty?

    LOVED IT!!!! I miss my cats so much! See, it's looks just like my real kitty in my avatar!!!!