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  1. eckyboy

    Scottish Bands Forum

    Hope I'm in the right place with this post mods. Theres a new forum started which hopefully will bring all banders together. I use all the forums but hopefully this one will appeal to everyone as it has no ties to any bands. Although it is Scottish we hope we get members from all over. Please...
  2. eckyboy


    This is funny ;D
  3. eckyboy

    Kingdom Brass: Euph and Kit player required

    Scottish Championship band from Fife. Looking for a 2nd Euph and a kit player to fill the line - up for a busy contesting schedule and a tour of Germany next year. The band is based in Cowdenbeath and rehearse monday and Thursday. Travel could be arranged so please contact...
  4. eckyboy

    Ever been blocked on messenger?

    You need flash.
  5. eckyboy

    Big let down

    At work yesterday there was a competition on Forth (local station) to win a pair of tickets to see Robbie williams this weekend in London with 1st class travel and a top hotel for digs. All you had to do was text your name to the hotline when his song played. Did that and was sitting in my lorry...
  6. eckyboy

    Tullis announce new conducting team.

    Tullis Russell Mills Band have appointed Peter Ratnik as Musical Director and Richard Sharp as our Resident Conductor.
  7. eckyboy

    Tullis Secure Bones

    TRMB are pleases to announce the signings of the trombone players they required for the Scottish. Hugh Bruce and Simon Brotherstone are quality players who along with the recent signings of Alan Jones, Danny Stewart and Joe Preece on cornet and Paul Hamilton on Eb Bass give the band their...
  8. eckyboy

    Kelly plastic Mouthpieces

    Has anyone got anything to say about these mouthpieces.I'm seriously thinking about getting one for my cornet but know nothing about them.The model they make is the same as a Wick 4B.
  9. eckyboy


    Just been put on crutches for a fortnight after tearing a calf muscle :cry: big gala march tommorrow and next week so unable to do them although I will be going for the socialising :guiness .Any other tMPers done similar.
  10. eckyboy

    Where Has James McFadyen Gone?

    I've noticed that wee James has been missing from the forum for months-is he ill or upset-any answers? :?:
  11. eckyboy

    What Time Do You Start Work?

    I've just started a new job delivering milk to supermarkets and shops.It's a 2am start :shock: Just wondered what time other tMPers start.I finish at 1130 though 8)
  12. eckyboy

    Football Managers

    The talk is about why Martin O'Neill would go to Liverpool :roll: but surely the most important news is why Jimmy Calderwood would leave Dunfermline to go to Aberdeen :shock:
  13. eckyboy

    Scottish Cup Final

    Dunfermline V Celtic at Hampden on 22cnd May.Hoping the Pars can lift the cup for the first time since 1968.Tough task but who thinks we can do it. :roll:
  14. eckyboy

    Kingdom Brass In Concert

    Kingdom Brass are playing a concert. Thursday April 29th,in the Vine Church, Dunfermline. This will be a concert as part of the 'Scottish Brass Band Week' (see the SBBA site for more details). Tickets £5 each.The hall seats 700.
  15. eckyboy

    Anonymous posters

    I've noticed recently that a lot of the posts that seem to stir up trouble are from users who go out their way to disguise or hide who they are.In light of this wouldnt it make sense for users to have their band or organisation below their posts so everyone else can decide whether they are worth...
  16. eckyboy

    Northern Counties Cancelled(Scotland)

    Rumour has it that this contest is cancelled this year.It was to be held on Saturday 10th, of April.Can anyone confirm this and the reasons why?
  17. eckyboy

    EX MD Adjudicating

    Do other members think it's a bonus or a handicap for one of your old MD's taking an important contest.Will they be looking for the same old flaws or be impressed if you've improved.
  18. eckyboy

    Men Only Bands

    After looking at the thread of Boys/Girls I was wondering what others thought of men only in some top bands. I cant think of any men only bands in Scotland but girls such as Alexandra Kerwin,Eleanor Ferguson and Katrina Marzella to name but a few would walk into any band in my opinion. Do...
  19. eckyboy

    should a conductor stay if you drop

    Just wanted to know if a conuctor should stay on after a band drops a section or give him or her a year to bring the band back up.Should be topical with the areas coming up. Should the ship tighten and make sure the result happens the next year or carry on regardless.
  20. eckyboy

    How easy is it to leave a band and why

    I've not long left a band for a number of reasons mainly because I wanted a higher standard and different level of commitment.Found it hard to leave due to having friends and not wanting to let them down but now i am gone I am the bad guy--anyone experienced similar.