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    Sold/Expired FLugel for sale

    Hiya I have a Courtois 154 flugel horn for sale cost £1,500 new an willing to accept £1000 for it. It is in same condition as when bought. Also have a Xeno laguer cornet for sale for £500 and a Riker PDP 200 digital piano for sale as new only collecting dust not used but would make a good first...
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    Music Shop London

    Can anyone tell me thename of the music shop in London that lets you try before you buy Cheers
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    BBC Contest

    Did anyone hear young Vicki play tonight on BBC R2, wish I had an ounce of her talent. Well done Vicki and good luck in the final.
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    Players required for 2nd section band Renfrew

    Renfrew Burgh Band are looking for a few players to join their ranks for the up and coming Scottish Champs in March. we urgently need Bass players both Eb and BBb, back row cornet, front row cornet, at least one horn and possibly a 2nd trombone. We are located in Renfrew 6miles from Glasgow...
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    All players Welcome

    Renfrew Burgh Band is located just outside Glasgow and we have recently gone through a period of adjustment and regrouping. We are looking for basses and cornet players in particular and also percussion players, but all players would be welcome. We have a busy programme for the following year...
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    Studying at Glasgow or Surrounding Area

    Anyone coming North to Study at Glasgow or thereabouts are welcome to come along to Renfrew Burgh Band. We are a friendly ambitious second section band and you would be made very welcome. If interested PM me.
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    I have not been on here for a few days but I would like to ask those who believe in the power of prayer to pray for my husband. He had a minor stroke on Thursday morning and is still in hospital. He is a reasonably fit young man and this has come a great shock to us. The prognosis is very good...
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    Conductor for 2nd Section Band Scotland

    Enthusiastic Conductor required for ambitious Renfrewshire based 2nd section brass band. Initially 3 month period and may be extended rehearsals Tuesday/Thursday evenings. Also BBb Bass player wanted and solo cornet all other palyers welcome to come along.
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    I know there has been a topic on valves before but I have a specific question, what does it mean when your valves are relapped back into their casings? I have been having problems on my sovereign cornet which is about 9 months old with valves sticking etc, I took it back to the supplier and...
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    British Solo Champion

    Don't know if this has been mentioned already, but I think we should congratulate Alex Kerwin (sorry not sure if it is Alexandra or Alexsandra)from the Scottish Co-op on winning the British Solo Contest.
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    4th Section Results

    1. Wardle Brass 2. Long Eaton Silver 3. Grange Moor Brass 4. Trinity Girls 5. Lockwood 6. Harlech
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    Longeaton Silver

    Sharon and her crew have come second, well done everyone at Long Eaton Silver
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    I thought 4 barsrest were providing live coverage of the nationals. Surely the draw has been done and the first few bands played by noww and yet nothing has appeared on the website, or is it not starting until late??????? :(
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    Dundee !!!!!!!

    As our band is not playing at Dundee I wodered if someone could tell me the arrangements for the weekend, such as which day each section is playing, time it will start on Sat and Sun. Thanks
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    Can anyone tell me if there is a recording of Hinode by Peter Graham.
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    Handel Sonata No.3

    I am currently working on Handel Sonata No.3 for Trumper and Piano (Roger Voisin) Can anyone tell me if there is a recording of this anywhere as I would like to hear how it is supposed to sound.