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  1. SammyT

    The Humph Memorial I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue thread game The creater of mornington crescent has died :( a sad year for ISIHAC!
  2. SammyT

    Band ties

    Hi, We have just recieved ours from Keltic Ties www.[URL=""][/URL]. They were embroidered polyester and cost less than £600 for 100 ties which was very reasonable compared to other quotes we had. We had great service and prompt delivery. Sam
  3. SammyT

    Welcome back...!!!

    Ah yes, that must of been the problem :). Glad to help!
  4. SammyT

    Welcome back...!!!

    Doh! It does now!! Ah well!!
  5. SammyT

    Welcome back...!!!

    Hi, Just having a click through and the members list button just gives an error page Hope this helps Sam
  6. SammyT

    The Humph Memorial I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue thread game

    not a lot actually!! he he How about a round of swannee kazoo?? (I actually still have my kazoo from going to see ISIHAC live - yeah!)
  7. SammyT

    The Humph Memorial I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue thread game

    kings cross!! And as I am a Samantha - Reverse order and points - 10 each!! Oh but the real one cant make it because.........................
  8. SammyT

    Are We Geeks?

    The kids at work thought I was geeky when they found out about me playing in a brass band (thanks for that Seedhouse!) but they thought I was cool when I played Satchmo Shaz's pink trumpet in a school concert!!! Well they thought the trumpet was cool, they loved the pocket cornet too!! Not...
  9. SammyT

    Anyone been to Silverstone F1 GP?

    Hi, It has been quite a few years since I have been and then I was track side :D as I was part of the first aid team so cannot comment on parking. However, if you want to watch the GP then you wont see much unless you are in front of one of the big screens. May seem like stating the obvious...
  10. SammyT

    Official tMP Midlands Regional 2008 thread

    I agree, well done guys! :clap: Also good luck to my Bro tomorrow playing in his first Championship Section area - go boy you will be great :D
  11. SammyT

    Butlins mineworkers 2008

    Obviously as you also dont seem to know which holiday camp we are all going to.................................:eek:
  12. SammyT

    Butlins mineworkers 2008

    I agree. It is much nicer, clean, tidy, no ripped curtains etc. Silver the other year was positively amazing (compared to several trips to Pontins and it being my first Butlins). Last year we had to go Bronze as we wanted 8 in a chalet but that was ok, a little rougher around the edges but still...
  13. SammyT

    Christmas Festival by Leroy Anderson

    Thank you but I have already recieved what I need :) Thanks to all!
  14. SammyT

    Christmas Festival by Leroy Anderson

    Hi Guys, Our band has just got the christmas music folders out (joy :S!) and one of the solo cornet pads is missing.................. Unfortunately it contains the only copy of the solo cornet 2nd part. We are playing this piece in a major concert in a few weeks and are in desperate need of...
  15. SammyT

    Sold/Expired Conn 6H Trombone

    Hi, Could you please send some pictures to Bones please, he did ask but is logged on to something else right now! Thank you Sam
  16. SammyT

    Toccata in D minor arr. Ray Farr

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody on here has a spare part for 1st Baritone for this piece as I have mis placed mine - god knows where. Annoyed with myself for 'losing' it so need to somehow get a spare part. If anyone could help me out I would be very greatful! Thanks Sam
  17. SammyT

    Principal or Principle?

    Please - aaaahhhhhh. I ALWAYS have to prompt them and that annoys me! I wish we had that card system.
  18. SammyT

    Principal or Principle?

    I can't spell (see signature), I was the missed generation in terms of grammar teaching and this post will probably contain lots of mistakes but.... How about mistakes in publications? I have just been reading the April edition of Brass Band World and came across at least 4 or 5 mistakes...
  19. SammyT

    Concert: Coldstream Guards and Leyland Band in Preston

    Well I have my tickets for this, should be great. Going to support my mate Rich (Bones!). :)
  20. SammyT

    early draw

    From my experiences I dont think a band can request a number one spot. You can request an early draw and then they put the numbers 1-3 in the hat and draw one out! This happened to us the other year when our section would overlap with the section in which our conductor was playing in. That is...