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  1. SammyT

    Christmas Festival by Leroy Anderson

    Hi Guys, Our band has just got the christmas music folders out (joy :S!) and one of the solo cornet pads is missing.................. Unfortunately it contains the only copy of the solo cornet 2nd part. We are playing this piece in a major concert in a few weeks and are in desperate need of...
  2. SammyT

    Toccata in D minor arr. Ray Farr

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody on here has a spare part for 1st Baritone for this piece as I have mis placed mine - god knows where. Annoyed with myself for 'losing' it so need to somehow get a spare part. If anyone could help me out I would be very greatful! Thanks Sam
  3. SammyT

    Tonights East Midlands Today BBC1

    I know this is a bit late, with 5mins to go but if anyone who lives in this broadcast region wants a laugh then watch this and see my schools attempts at the macarena world record attempt for comic relief!! Not bad going for me 2 world records in one year (3 in total!).....................
  4. SammyT

    1914 March 1st baritone part

    Hi, I dont know how (maybe lent it to someone???) but I have lost the 1st Baritone part to the 1914 march. Does anybody out there have a copy of it plleeeeeaaaassseeeeee
  5. SammyT

    13966 new posts!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!

    Hi to those of you who remember me!! I am back after a months break due to lack of time due to OFSTED (see that thread)!!!!! Could anyone give me a brief idea of anything that has occured (any good threads?) Cheers Sam (A very tired and stressed teacher!!!!!)
  6. SammyT

    Drunk Practice...................

    Ok, in relation to posts in the rugby world cup thread I have to ask the question............ How drunk have you been at a rehearsal? :shock: :shock: As dear satchmo announced to the world at our rehearsal today for the leicester contest tomorrow I turned up rather late ( :oops: ) and...
  7. SammyT

    Disappointed teacher!!:( - re children in need!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just read the post on the bbc children in need thing. I was really looking forward to doing this but as a teacher I will not be able to get the time off work so cannot get there for 12. To other teachers on this forum (and others!) has this happened to you before - unable to do something due...
  8. SammyT

    Nottingham, Derby and Loughborough Students

    Hi We are a very friendly 4th section (3rd as of Jan) band based in Long Eaton near Nottingham. You are all very welcome to come along for a blow (or bang is so inclined)! :? We especially need a percussionist and some cornet players to register with the band :D We are a very sociable band...
  9. SammyT

    Bolero Baritone Solo

    I heard last night that there is a baritone solo of Bolero. Does anybody know what it is like/where I can get a copy from?