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  1. westburykid

    United Co-op Band (Crewe) and The Fairey Band in Concert

    The World Famous Fairey Brass Band from Stockport, previously Fairey Engineering/Aviation band is to appear in concert in Crewe for the first time since it was founded in 1937. The band is currently ranked 10th in the world, and has been invited by the United Co-Op Band in Crewe to appear in a...
  2. westburykid

    Green Banding

    How much would banding change if the Band Registry stated that all players in the band must live within 20 miles of the bandroom? It maybe in the future that with fuel prices we may have to play for the band "round the corner" and not travel some distance to play for a "better" band.
  3. westburykid

    Early Area weekend

    Our Area (North West) seems to be first up this year, and normally would be a week later. Given that in calandar terms we have lost a week, and some areas (Midlands is in three weeks for instance) have more rehearsal time. Does having an extra few weeks on the area piece after christmas...
  4. westburykid

    Nick Faulkner?

    Do any members of the Forum from Australia know a Nick Faulkner? I maybe out in Australia around Easter time and Nick is a distant relative of mine. Could do with keeping my lip in, so any bands in Melbourne got a spare horn seat for a couple of weeks.............
  5. westburykid

    Plastic Mouthpieces to cure lip sores?

    I, as a few of the players I have known in bands occasionally suffer from Cold Sores. Extra rehearsals normally make them worse, and outside playing at Christmas Time. I have normally put it down to lip damage caused by extra playing, also old mouthpieces which are through the silver/gold...
  6. westburykid

    YouTube - Brass Band Content

    Hello, As anyone found any decent Brass Band Content on the YouTube or similar site. Seems a good way to promote the movement, and individual bands. The best bits I have found is clips from World of Brass of their DVDs, and a band at Whit Friday. As a starter for ten I have uploaded a...
  7. westburykid

    Visiting bands outside the UK

    A couple of months ago I was fortunate to visit the Weston Silver Band, just to the east of Toronto, Canada. I contacted them through their website and the invited me and my girlfriend down for a rehearsal, (they had no concerts while we were over there). It was really interesting to see a...
  8. westburykid

    Pontins Chalets for Non-Playing Bandspeople.

    Has anyone tried to book a chalet for this years pontins and have been told they cannot? It was mentioned at last year contest that the chalets were being held for the players only this year. Is this fair? Surely bands which travel a distance would book plenty early enough. To be honest...