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  1. nickjones

    Why isn't there a Central location for the Welsh National Regional Championship?

    Dont think its a rumour about llandudno as area venue
  2. nickjones

    Can a top section band maintain playing standards without contests?

    Good Luck to Paul , Andy Dale and the wire crew...having played a small part in wire's progress I was always impressed with Paul's refreshing views to performance and professionalism on stage , the band is lucky not to be saddled with years of contests and people saying "Ooooo we are a tidy band...
  3. nickjones

    RNCM Festival programme

    you can get a recording of sea pictures on the 1995 European CD played by wileobroek
  4. nickjones

    Oakeley Silver

    The Oak are normally conducted by John Glyn Jones , one of the peri team for Gwynedd and bloke
  5. nickjones

    Paddy's Spring Festival 2010

    Ha Ha..cant wait.. also can someone clear up a enquiry. I will be playing with my Band in the trophy but have been asked to dep with a band in the shield , is this possible ( draw permitting I could play with both)... ta and all that faff...
  6. nickjones

    Sold/Expired Miraphone 4 rotary valve Eb Tuba

    It's a proper belter of an isntrument is this Mirafone...whoever the lucky bidder is you wont be dissapointed. ****** hell cant believe it peachy is selling das Disasterfone in D#
  7. nickjones

    Did you hear this...

    Aye we do at Point of Ayr "Et Tenebris Lux" out of the darkness
  8. nickjones

    £1m for a brass band

    during a break this morning was speaking to a couple of the girls at work , saw the program loved the personalities in the band ,enjoyed it that they have been inspired to take up instruments . well done again all involved in the program.
  9. nickjones

    £1m for a brass band

    Good Luck to all at Dinnington good news for you...lets hope it leads to big things for you..
  10. nickjones

    Which Brass Magazine ?

    Razzle only the best for 4 hour bus trips..
  11. nickjones

    The Wizard - George Allen

    Alrite Martyn I am sure its manuscript only sure it was old parts when Wire did it at whit friday a couple of years ago..dont know where the band got hold of the set will ask me little bro he should know.
  12. nickjones

    Solos for BBb bass and band

    yeah I think you have mentioned that sparkling anecdote a fair few times over the years...didn't find it that interesting then..less so now. still Bb bass solos...not a winner for me.
  13. nickjones

    Solos for BBb bass and band

    why the hell would a conductor want to ruin a concert by putting on a Bb bass solo....ffs what a load of *******s
  14. bill stickers is innocent..

    bill stickers is innocent..

  15. alarm.................


  16. nickjones

    Test Pieces for Training Band

    •SVoR (1993) for Brass Band (Noteservice) (dur: 7) A suite on Norwegian folk-songs: Sprindans, Vuggesang and Reinlender. Commissioned by Brøttum Musikkforening it's a brilliant piece, well worth trying..
  17. nickjones

    Pontins 2009

    was he there for the start of the top section on Sunday ? I didn't notice him amongst the 20 people who were there listening to Wire...Mmmm who cares eh....
  18. nickjones

    4barsrest article - Major Player Changes

    nah I put the iching down to a slight case of pontinsitis... still that band I wasnt talking about signing someone....he or she didnt sign... sorry peeps to be the bearer of no news...ffs what more do you want fake stories????????????
  19. nickjones

    4barsrest article - Major Player Changes

    storm in a teacup , nothing to worry about...all this worry will make you go bald amigo!! nothing to see here...ah back on topic... breaking news...there is a band , and they have signed someone... wow..................
  20. nickjones

    4barsrest article - Major Player Changes

    flaming hell it's like getting mauled by a lame em off I am sorry!!!! cheers la , I do have a's a good un too , and doesn't involve walking round pontins in offstage uniforms :) hope the trip back was a good un ms Towse has pointed out each to there own!!!!!