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  1. Keppler

    tMP Pontins Predictions 2005

    Hi Folks. Predictions for the imminent Pontins contest can now be entered in the tmp database. Register your predictions now, and win the awe and admiration of your fellow tmpers. Normal rules apply, 15 points per section, 5 for a correct prediction, 2 for having a misplaced band in the top 3...
  2. Keppler

    'Official' tMP discussion thread for 2005 Finals

    Discussion thread for 2005 Finals Open season commences... Kepps
  3. Keppler

    Prediction Contest - Finals 2005 tMP National Finals Prediction Competition - sections 1 through 4 It's prediction time once again, as the Finals are getting close, and the tMP Prediction Gizmatron has been fed with all the details of the competing bands. All we would like...
  4. Keppler

    Welcome from Kepps

    Weyhey - Kepps is first to post in here. Well I'm glad I'll be made to feel very welcome - I should be, since I'm one of the ones doing the welcoming. In addition to watching what goes on around here, I spend my time doing various computing related stuffs - so always willing to offer advice, or...
  5. Keppler

    tmp Composer's Competition Closed!

    Voting on the tMP Composer's Competition has now been closed. Once again, congratulations to the 5 finalists, thanks to all of you who listened to each march and voted, and thanks to all of you who submitted music - there are some seriously talented people out there. Keep an eye out for an...
  6. Keppler

    Should YBS be given a bye?

    With regard to the interesting announcement on YBS website, should they be given a bye?
  7. Keppler

    Champions ask for "Bye"

    Interesting announcement from the YBS website
  8. Keppler

    Illness after Spennymoor Contest

    As a remarkable number of bandspeople, and tmpers in particular seem to be feeling the effects of last weekend (and not in the usual manner) I've taken some of the details from the discussion. If you've been affected, you can follow in the footsteps of some of our tMPers, and contact...
  9. Keppler

    tMP Pontins Predictions Hey Folks I know we're close to the contest now, but we've amended our prediction-input-omatic to take entries for this weekend's contest at Pontins. Bazillions of bands, so could be hard to pick a winner - will it be Dyl again, or...
  10. Keppler

    tMP Finals prediction contest - current status

    Hey all - well hopefully those bands playing at Harrogate this weekend are having a good time, regardless of results. Well done to those who've figured! The results of your predictions after 3 sections can now be seen - ye don't seem to have been as accurate as ye were at the Areas really...
  11. Keppler


    I thought I'd celebrate my 3000th post with a nice binary number, so I've waited until 3Kposts (110000000000) (3072) in true geeko-teckno-BOC style.. Only 1001010000001 more to go to overtake a certain Mr. Bale :cool:
  12. Keppler

    HOW TO -> Emoticons

    Lots of people seem to be asking about this one so... To enable your emoticon window 1. Go to User Control Panel (4th button from left) 2. On the left hand menu bar, choose Edit Options 3. All the way at the bottom of this page there's a section called "Miscellaneous Options, and in here...
  13. Keppler

    tMP Virtual Band

    Right, as inspired by the Infinite Cat project, how about starting the infinite (!) tMP band.. Pretty soon I'll post an image of a tMPer playing... All you have to do is send me an image of you playing along with the tMPer on screen.... So basically take a photie of yourself playing with...
  14. Keppler

    tMP Finals Prediction Competition

    Righto tMPers, with the British National Finals approaching at a rate of knots, it's prediction time again. We'll be running the tMP Finals Prediction Contest in much the same format as we tried for the Areas in March/April, accepting entries right up to the big weekend, so ye can all research...
  15. Keppler

    Virtual Charades!

    Here's the new home for 2nd Man Down's Virtual Charades Continued from Game on!
  16. Keppler

    Poll behaviour changes

    Hi all.. to facilitate some of the poll voting coming up over the next couple of weeks, we've removed the facility to view poll results temporarily Don't worry, it's not a conspiracy or anything - simply that we currently can't hide results on specific polls, so we have to hide them all...
  17. Keppler

    tmp Pool Ladder

    Hey Folks - After some discussion, I have set up a yahoo pool ladder/tournament on cases ladders. Anyone interested should drop me a pm for directions... Kepps
  18. Keppler

    Glasgow - Europeans 2004

    Nearly upon us - so time to start thinking about how and where to identify lovely tMP people in the general area. Anyone to start the bidding at 10?
  19. Keppler

    Post # 100000

    Is this it? ;) Was trying to think of something deep and meaningful to say, but had to be quick and failed ;) I'll just say Hurrah for tMP instead! Kepps
  20. Keppler

    IABCB - Southern Regional Championships - Results

    Just in case anyone is interested, a welcome return of southern regional contests in the Cork area. Well done to committee involved in getting things back under way. A few things to learn from, but not a bad day. Sunday March 28th 2004, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Éire Adjudicator: Lt Cl Brendan...