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  1. dave jake

    Requests to change thread titles

    Could you please change the Dunston Silver thread title to Dunston Siilver Band - Current Vacancies Please Dave
  2. dave jake

    Dunston silver band - current vacancies

    Dunston Silver Band, Northern Area, 2nd Section , currently have vacancies for Eb Bass, Soprano and Tutti cornets with any other players being welcome anytime. Please e mail or message our friendly Chairman Dave Jakeman for details. - - mob 07808...
  3. dave jake

    What bands are playing at Butlins?

    She certainly will.
  4. dave jake

    North of England areas 2014

    Just a few things to do and I'll be ready for tomorrow, just got to avoid drinking too much tonight and I'll be reet. Good luck to all competing bands and to Hull City. Give me a nod if you see me.
  5. dave jake

    Butlins 2014

    Wow only 2 bands from the North East and only one of these is a mining band.
  6. dave jake

    Butlins 2013

    Dunston not there boohoo,
  7. dave jake

    I Believe

    I believe we'll be the last band through Durham
  8. dave jake

    Tune Association Thread 3

    Living In A Box
  9. dave jake

    word association

  10. dave jake

    word association

  11. dave jake

    Durham Miner's Gala 2011 ....Who's Going?

    Dunston will be there and by tradition we will be the last band onto the racecourse and if allowed by the police will be the last band to perform outside The County on the way in, ending the parade with Gresford as always. So I would ask all the bands on the way in not to mlilk it at The County...
  12. dave jake

    Durham Miner's Gala 2011 ....Who's Going?

    Thanks Colin ! So thats why I'm so knackered the next day. Theres always been this void in my memory.
  13. dave jake

    Paddy's North of England Area - 2011

    Nice to see we're last in the predictions for the third section, nice to be outsiders .
  14. dave jake

    Durham Miners' Gala for London?

    ****** cockneys can get their own Gala, you can' t av nowt up ere without jealous southerners trying to pinch or ruin it. P.S. the beers like watered down camels urine in cockney land. NEVER.
  15. dave jake

    Dunston silver band - current vacancies

    The closing date for the MD position is the 1st June 2010 with auditions beginning the following week. Cheers Dave
  16. dave jake

    tMP on Twitter...

    I think this is all beyond my limited computer skills but Ill try owt.
  17. dave jake

    Guidelines for the 'Recruitment Corner' - please read before posting!

    Hi could you please change the thread title of Dunston Silver Band to Musical Director required by Dunston Silver. Cheers Dave
  18. dave jake

    Dunston silver band - current vacancies

    Dunston Silver Band ( supported by Bristol Street Motors ) currently in the Northern Area 3rd Section require a Musical Director. We rehearse Monday and Wednesday evenings in Dunston, Gateshead.If interested please pm me or visit our new website for more details...
  19. dave jake

    Cornet player available in Darlington area

    sorry my last comment should be on another thread, silly me.