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  1. sunny_jimbob

    Sold/Expired Set of Edwards Bass Bone Leadpipes

    I've got two sets of these so I thought it'd make sense to sell one of them! Full details on eBay link below... Edit: link seems to be borked, will return with working one... :) /edit
  2. sunny_jimbob

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    May I please introduce babby_jimbob!
  3. sunny_jimbob

    Red Christmas Praise carol books

    Does anyone know where I can buy individual Christmas Praise books? Or indeed if I can! I only need a few, thus don't want to have to buy the full set if I can avoid it! Muchos thankos!
  4. sunny_jimbob

    12 Hour Carolathon? Make That 14!

    Stocksbridge Bands intrepid bass trombonist Nick Stokes successfully completed his Carolathon on Christmas Eve – but got more than he bargained for! Having planned to do 9am through to 9pm, he found himself making his first performance at 8.30am and his last at 10.15pm! Nick started his day...
  5. sunny_jimbob

    Festive Fundraiser for Stocksbridge Band!

    As all bands know, Christmas is a major time for generating funds to see the band through the following year, with concerts and carolling sessions galore. Stocksbridge Band are undertaking a slightly unusual method of fundraising this year, however, with Bass Trombonist Nick Stokes attempting...
  6. sunny_jimbob

    In My Pants

    Further to discussions had with BrotherBone, BrassJourno, Bones and others over the weekend, may I introduce the In My Pants Game to tMP. Take any film title, and add the words 'In My Pants' to the end. Saturday Night Fever In My Pants Armageddon In My Pants etc etc etc. I'll not print...
  7. sunny_jimbob

    House Viewings - The Fun Way

    My mate is going to view a house tonight, and he wants ideas to make it a bit more entertaining for the seller. He doesn't want to do anything too over the top to make the seller think he's not serious, but he doesn't want to walk round saying that every room is "nice and bright and modern"...
  8. sunny_jimbob

    tMP's postcard from the Whits

    Awesome. Simply awesome. The whole of Delph singing Always Look On The Bright Side OF Life to us? That'll stay with me for years! I got home at 3.40am. Zoinks! I've got loads of photos which I'll upload as soon as a) I've found the lead for my camera and b) I've been through the photos...
  9. sunny_jimbob

    Sold/Expired Gorgeous old Besson Academy Class A Tenor Trombone

    Alas, we have too many trombones in the house (impossible, I hear you cry!) and it's either this one or the one I learnt on, so I'm afraid this one has got to go.
  10. sunny_jimbob

    I'm having my legs waxed tomorrow

    I'm having my legs waxed tomorrow (now with added photo goodness...) for the benefit of Children in Need. You know you all want to sponsor me! I can accept PayPal payments, or if you'd rather send real money, I can give you my address on a PM. Ta in advance :D ;) :O
  11. sunny_jimbob

    And the latest With Bunnies feature...

  12. sunny_jimbob

    sunny_jimbob in announcement based shocker!

    I got engaged on Sunday night. Feel free to shower me with congratulations, gifts and adulation! :shock: :D 8)
  13. sunny_jimbob

    Football Fans! (and otherwise, I spose...)

    Just talking to some of the characters at work, and I've realised that, although I'm a major football fan and supported, I'm feeling a strangely high level of apathy towards the England international team. Euro 2004 just doesn't interest me at all, and I don't feel inclined to watch the games...
  14. sunny_jimbob


    You soon will be! (3.4 meg video file)
  15. sunny_jimbob

    Blades of Toledo? You what?!

    Our conductor, kind as he is to his trombone section, has got out *gulp* Blades of Toledo. There was no bass bone part in the pack, so we've escaped for the time being...! Anyway, to the point. Where can I get a recording of said piece? Just to get an idea of what the crack is! Ta in...
  16. sunny_jimbob

    What's happening to me!

    Having taken the weekend off practicing (shock horror!) having been overloaded with banding for the past few months, I went back to playing last night. Imagine my dismay when my right cheek kept puffing out as I played, sapping a good deal of my power in the process. Anyone got any idea why...
  17. sunny_jimbob

    Help me make my fortune!

    You know you want to buy my eBay item!
  18. sunny_jimbob

    Text formatting

    Is there any chance strikethrough can be added to the text formatting options please? I've wanted to use it (usually for comedy effect...!) but not been able to. I've also tried using the standard HTML tags, but no luck there either! Cheers Nick
  19. sunny_jimbob

    Oh dear, I've really had it now!

    Last night, I had one of those semi conscious dreams where you're part awake and know what's going on but still part alseep so even the weirdest thing makes sense...! I dreamt that someone came in through my bedroom window and said there was a load of percussion equipment to be lifted through...
  20. sunny_jimbob

    And while I'm in a game linkying mood...

    Have a go at some Hamster Bouncing... How rare!