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  1. Red Elvis

    tMP, me and the future of the site :)

    Likewise - Thanks John for all you've done over the past years. Welcome Jeff W and thanks for stepping in.
  2. Red Elvis

    It's been a while.............

    Good to see you Chunky I'm still here - lurking mostly !
  3. Red Elvis

    Wessex Tubas

    I'm not one generally for bigging up commercial concerns but wanted to post a quick word of appreciation for service received from Jonathan at Wessex Tubas - phoned up yesterday morning to enquire about availability of gig bags for an EEb Sov , got the word on which size to order , placed said...
  4. Red Elvis

    Serevent Inhaler side effects

    Mr Wilx Cardiac Nurse checking in. Serevent can indeed provoke arrythmias . I'm not a Dr so would advise a word with your GP , Respiratory Physician or Pharmacist. Regards Phil
  5. Red Elvis

    L&SC Entries

    Ok lads - fair play , "percolate" may have been the wrong term from a strictly etomylogical perspective . Play nicely.
  6. Red Elvis

    L&SC Entries

    Hammer / Nail / Head interface spot on there MoominDave. It's probably another debate entirely but perhaps higher section bands have been complacent for too long about just relying on players percolating their way up the ranks and not done enough to grow new players themselves . In my own...
  7. Red Elvis

    L&SC Entries

    Cheers Hobgoblin.
  8. Red Elvis

    L&SC Entries

    Cheers for the comments on the Clacton situation. I must make it clear that I'm not speaking in any way , shape or form as an "official" representative of the band - just giving an insight based on how I saw it and based on speaking to the committee members. Re getting deps in - I suspect...
  9. Red Elvis

    L&SC Entries

    Re Clacton - yes , I fear that the band has ceased contesting at present due to a lack of players. A number of us have signed for other local bands (since Clacton withdrew last year and not beforehand) . The band still plan to undertake a number of concerts during the summer I believe and a...
  10. Red Elvis

    Lt-Col Ray Steadman-Allen

    Just hearing word tonight that Lt Col Ray Steadman-Allen has been Promoted to Glory. A sad loss to those of us from an SA background, although he was a good age . A true giant of SA brass banding.
  11. Red Elvis

    Milton Keynes Own Choice Contest - 30 November 2014

    Very enjoyable day out (a good result always helps too !!) . As noted above , a relaxed approach to the day. From what I could see no one took the mick in regards to the no registration aspect , all ran to time and hanging about was minimal compared to many I've done. Nice drop of bottled EPA...
  12. Red Elvis

    Wychavon Festival of Brass

    First time I've attended the Contest and very impressed with the organisation - minimal hanging about before playing , a speedy trip through registration and mightily impressed with the range of cask ales you had set up in the bar area !! Would have made more of a dent in those had the band...
  13. Red Elvis

    Tuba Gig Bags - London / South East

    Thanks for the reply Barry
  14. Red Elvis

    Tuba Gig Bags - London / South East

    Thanks pbirch ! None there either I fear - fair play though , very helpful chap on phone and a quick reply !
  15. Red Elvis

    Tuba Gig Bags - London / South East

    Afternoon all Thanks to some massive incompetence from Amazon (yes , we'll take your money , confirm your order and then wait four days till day of delivery to tell you there are none in stock!!!!), I am trying to get hold of a Tuba Gig bag by Sunday Anyone know of any shops in London / South...
  16. Red Elvis

    2014 Set Pieces for Areas

    The middle movement - Es ist ein Ros enstprungen - contains some lovely music . This piece was the first test piece I played when I started playing with contest bands. At the time I was playing 1st Baritone and in that particular movement I had to hit a top A entry after 4 bars rest , at mp if...
  17. Red Elvis

    Help needed

    Brother Brooks - Kind words indeed. Many members of the famed Becontree 10 piece will indeed confirm that they have never played under a conductor of my level before or since. I am available for weddings , funerals and bar mitzvahs.Reasonable rates available on application.I have my own white...
  18. Red Elvis

    Help needed

    Bob I have first-hand practical evidence to support your thesis. During a somewhat fallow spell for Becontree I (6'4'') led the famed Becontree 10 piece to victory at the Ringmer Ensembles and Quartets contest. This has been my only conducting performance * thus far and so I claim a 100% record...
  19. Red Elvis

    Derek Jackson (Black Dyke, Faireys)

    Nickyj - I'm in the category that pedaller refers to above - I never met your father but he was a true legend of the engine room and many of us aspire to that huge warm sound he made. From all the various messages I've seen on my facebook feed over the weekend he was a musician that had an...
  20. Red Elvis

    Remembrance/ANZAC Concert

    I'm not sure whether its been arranged for brass or not but "The Mansions of the Lord" is a cracking tune - used in the film about the battle of Ia Drang in Vietnam "We were Soldiers". (Which brings the question - I know Australian troops were involved in that conflict , were any from NZ ?)