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  1. akwarose

    Bradwell Silver Band - 4th Sect L&SC require a bass player

    Bradwell Silver band are a friendly bunch based in Milton Keynes. We're currently 4th Section in the London & Southern Counties area and are looking for a bass player (Bb or Eb) to help complete our line up. Rehearsals are Tuesdays and Thursdays 8 - 9.45pm in New Bradwell Combined School...
  2. akwarose

    How many Bands play on Xmas Day?

    Bradwell Silver start at 6am on Xmas morning. There's a tradition that the kids in the area aren't allowed to open their presents until they've heard the band play :)
  3. akwarose

    Bradwell Silver Band, L&SC, 3rd Section Band seeks Front Row Cornet players!

    Bradwell Silver Band are still searching for a principal cornet. If you are a younger player looking for a challenge, or a more experienced player looking to step back from higher level banding, then we want to hear from you! Recently promoted to the 3rd section, Bradwell is a friendly...
  4. akwarose

    Advertising for vacancies - Ideas please!

    Thanks guys, that's a big help :) Mofman - love the ditty! S x
  5. akwarose

    Advertising for vacancies - Ideas please!

    Does anyone have any great ideas for recruitment? Bradwell Silver Band has vacancies for front row cornets which are notoriously difficult to fill so any advice is welcome! Thanks! x
  6. akwarose

    Bradwell Silver Band, L&SC, 3rd Section Band seeks Front Row Cornet players!

    Bradwell Silver Band, based in Milton Keynes, are looking for front row cornet players. Recently promoted to the 3rd section, Bradwell is a friendly, welcoming band. We keep busy during the summer and Christmas seasons, with a number of engagements in and around Milton Keynes. We are looking...
  7. akwarose

    Bradwell Silver Band seeks Principal Cornet

    Bradwell Silver Band, based in Milton Keynes are a friendly and busy 4th Section band who are looking for a principal Cornet player. We undertake a wide variety of engagements throughout the year as well as 2 to 3 contests per year. If you think you have what it takes we want to hear from you...
  8. akwarose

    Death of Bill Holding

    It is with enormous regret that Bradwell Silver Band from Milton Keynes has to end the year as it started, by reporting the death of a much valued friend and colleague. Bill Holding suffered a heart attack and pased away after a short period in hospital. Bill's father was a member of the...
  9. akwarose

    Three Tenors Fantasy - Gordon Langford

    My dad was listening to 'Listen to the Band' on Radio 2 the other night, and he heard the Three Tenors Fantasy being played. He now wants to try and get hold of it for our lot, but we cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone know if it is still in print, and if so where we could get a full band set...
  10. akwarose

    Bradwell Silver Band and Northampton Male Voice Choir

    Bradwell Silver Band and special guests Northampton Male Voice Choir in concert on July 4th at Stantonbury Campus Theatre. Doors open at 7.00pm, concert starts at 7.30pm. Tickets £5. For tickets or more details please contact 01908 616463
  11. akwarose

    Christmas.....ha ha ha ha

    have made a list of things to get for everyone and have bought a few bits already. going shopping next week when we get paid. me and hubby do the shopping together after making out the list of what to get everyone. it works out really well. am getting my lil girl a camera (one of those kid tough...
  12. akwarose

    Forgot to take instrument to band practise

    I turned up to a fete in the middle of nowhere once, and had forgotten my cornet. i'd remembered to pack my husband, the baby, the baby's buggy, the changebag, my husbands coat, my dads music, my music....... luckily we had picked a spare one up at the lock up, although there was no real need...
  13. akwarose

    You know you grew up in the 80's if:

    which is more sad, the fact i was singing this to myself, or the fact i went "ooh, i always wondered what the words to that were!" when i saw this post..... :oops:
  14. akwarose

    What are you listening to at the moment.........

    so thats what it is! iv been wondering for ages. just too lazy to actually research it :S
  15. akwarose

    What else is in your instrument case?

    I have... cornet 3 mouthpieces Lyre Valve oil Christmas cards (both recieved and forgotten to give out...) Cat tail Cat mask Safety pins (presumably for tail?) Lip balm 3 pencils 1 pen manky duster pegs
  16. akwarose

    What are you reading at the moment?

    am currently reading 'my sister's keeper' by jodi picoult. proper weepy book!!! may i also recommend the belgariad and malloreon series' by David Eddings and 'If nobody speaks of remarkable things' by jon macgregor - absolutely awesome writing!
  17. akwarose

    What are you listening to at the moment.........

    Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) by Lost prophets :)
  18. akwarose

    Musical Snacking...

    I have to confess to musical snacking. If I buy a cd I will listen to the entire CD and decide which tracks I like and which ones I could leave but I still listen to the entire CD each time, I paid for 10 tracks i'm gunna bloomin well listen to them!!! however, when it comes to my iPod i'm...
  19. akwarose

    I'm a Dad!

    congratulations :) and well done to ur wife, i hope she recovers soon. bubs is gorgeous xxx