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  1. jambo

    North East Areas 2005 moved to 26th-27th February

    Apparently due to an 'admin error' the Dolphin centre has not been booked for the proposed date on the 3rd weekend in March. To this extent we have to now have the areas a month early! For all those bands competing at Butlins, we're going to have a busy start to the year! Your...
  2. jambo

    Sold/Expired Selmer C Trumpet with 2 Bells for sale

    Selmer C with interchangeable brass bell up for grabs. About 10 years old but in very good condition (hardly played). Offers of £1000 would be nice but I'm open to haggling. :shock: :D
  3. jambo

    BHK Horden Band & Roger Webster Sat 3rd July

    As it says, we'll be giving a concert with Roger Webster as guest soloist on the 3rd July. The concert is at Peterlee College and start at 7.30
  4. jambo

    Whit Friday Photo's DELPH

    For all of you lucky people competing at the DELPH contest this year I shall be there as last year snapping away for both the Delph magazine and also your viewing pleasure. If you see me hanging from a tree or navigating the crowds to get a photo please feel free to grab a card off me with...
  5. jambo

    Delph 2003 Whit Friday Photo's

    With this years whit friday contests not being a milion miles away just thought that for those of you interested that the Photographs from last years Delph contest are still available to view on my website and are found in the event photography drop down menu. If...
  6. jambo

    Who would you most like to conduct your band?

    With the areas fast approaching and the stakes being high in many regions for a trip to the Nationals I was wondering who you'd all want to be taking your band and Why? Pedigree, Stick technique, Band training ability, musicality...the list is endless. I realise that this is not an...
  7. jambo

    Fugly bands

    So far we have a poll running for the best looking section, for love in bands etc but the question begs...Who is the F'ugliest band in the country? And...are fugly bands the best? Ever Ready some years back certainly would have been in the running for the Fugly stakes but then me and Holmesy...