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  1. six pints

    Wansbeck's ashington colliery band

    Permanent horn player urgently required for strong first section band in the north of England. PM me for details of rehearsals etc
  2. six pints

    Big Brother 2008

    Anyone else? (My excise is I have my first ever summer off, and I'm certain I will get bored, so it was either this or soaps. At least this will end one day!) I'm supporting Jennifer so far. Mainly cos she's from my neck of the woods! Looking forward to the wedding tho!
  3. six pints

    Sold/Expired This years christmas number 1...?

    Hi guys. I'm looking for some help. Basically, me and some people from all around the country have recorded a song. It's a xmas song, called "smells like christmas time" and is being released on the 10th of december. All the proceeds are going to charity and its a ****** good song! Because we...
  4. six pints

    Deathly Hallows : WARNING!! CONTAINS SPOILERS!

    Anyone read it yet? If not, look away now. You have been warned! I can't believe Remus is dead, he was my favourite! And Fred and Tonks as well :(. Reading the chapter where Harry is in the pensieve with Snape's memories... heartbreaking stuff. I'm...
  5. six pints


    Sigh. I just lost 60 quid I dont have in a casino. why is gambling so addictive. and why is it all my rich friends made a profit :(
  6. six pints

    Its all about the final headbutt...

  7. six pints

    drummers please read and help me!

    My mate is conducting hill orchestra at uni this year. he asked me to join playing trumpet, i said sure, good chance to see him and to play me trumpet. so, then he asks me to play the french horn for a couple of pieces parts on my flugel. i say sure, ill take a four hour round trip home to pick...
  8. six pints


    im going to dress up as pacman on saturday. problem is, i dont know how to be, short of constantly eating for 5 days and then painting myself yellow (which i dont fancy doing. any ideas anyone?
  9. six pints

    red telephone box

    so, i am the red telephone box officer of my college. problem is, the box has no phone. so i need ideas of what else could be put in the box, what other uses could it have? (and NO it aint a police box, for all you people who are thinking up dr who jokes) what would you use a red telephone...
  10. six pints

    today in my advent calender i got....

    a christmas tree!! what did everyone else get?
  11. six pints

    In theory....

    which do you agree with... 1. theres no smoke without fire or 2. innocent till proven guilty
  12. six pints

    post match analysis

    ok, so i dont pretned to know everything bout football BUT i have two questions.... 1. Why did Mr Beckham get sent off for two barely yellow card offences? 2. Why take Mikky O off when he's captain, playing a canny game, and Crouch was left on? i understand why he took a striker off, but...
  13. six pints

    4 8 15 16 23 42

    this is the best thing since 24. wow! what is it all about?!
  14. six pints

    ramblings hey guys! not been on tinternet for a while, stupid parents and lack of phone line. link above shows "exciting" summer we had- but we are still alive and kicking! hope everyones had a good summer, and...
  15. six pints

    halfway there

    well, 3 exams in 3 days. so im having a break. and its doing me the world of good. im on the second bottle, and i feel fabulous. im not sure how fabulous my boss will feel when i turn up to work tonight, but i dont care anymore! to all u studenty types- an afternoon off does more good then...
  16. six pints

    my post exam quest- help required!!

    ok im very very sad, and would like to ask all you lovely people (espec sad students like me) for your help for all you neighbours fans, alan fletcher aka karl kennedy's band is playing at loads of gigs about the country from may24th to june11th. i want to go to as many as possible. if anyone...
  17. six pints

    anyone good at desicions?

    do i wanna spend another 6 1/2 years at uni? i need to know so i can pick modules, but i cant decide. someone decide my life for me!!
  18. six pints

    beer + skegness = confused

    lost- my memory of what happened between 11pm friday and 3am saturday (and apologies to whoever was in delta avenue 17 if what im told is true) and between 4pm saturday and 2am sunday. if anyone finds them please feel free to fill me in! ta very muchly!
  19. six pints

    I have made an important decision...

    ........ say if someone was on a ferry in the north sea last year, and they had a birthday, it wouldnt count. so that person would not be 20 this year. In fact, despite being born in 1985, this person would still only be 18. so they dont need to panic about being a grown up. Yay!! :) (please...
  20. six pints

    you know its cold when... can see ur breathe in ur living room and apparently theres gonna be 6 inches of snow tonight. Yay!!! or not.