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  1. nickjones

    Worst player thread

    As the new prem season starts , who has been the ultimate football donkey............... Marco Boogers - west ham Proper Mental!! Tony Daley - 21 games in 4 years for wolves! proper waste of money ( cost a couple of Million , when a couple of Million was a serious amount of Money Tomasz...
  2. nickjones

    National youth band of wales 2009 summer course / concerts

    National Youth Brass Band of Wales 18 - 24 July 2009 NYBBW residential course - Bangor 22 July NYBBW Concert - William Aston Hall, Wrexham 23 July NYBBW Concert - St Asaph Cathedral 24 July NYBBW Concert - Prichard Jones Hall, Bangor 3 October NYBBW Rehearsal - Swansea 4 October NYBBW...
  3. nickjones

    Bierkeller Brass Audition Night / Retirement Do

    The Infamous Bierkeller brass took to the stage at the Celtic Royal Hotel Caernarfon earlier this week to celebrate the work of Mrs Gaynor Evans local manager of the DVLA Local office Bangor , during the evening the band were disturbed by world famous local boy Bryn Terfel begging for an...
  4. nickjones

    Sold/Expired Allerseelen-Richard Strauss arr Steven Roberts

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of set and score of steven roberts arrangement of Allerseelen? Is it published? thanks
  5. nickjones

    Working in Otley , any bands close to the town?

    Am going to be doing some work in Otley ( West yorks) in December , just want to keep my lip in ,are there any bands in the area who wouldn't mind me popping in for a rehersal. ta
  6. nickjones

    Tetley Leeds Open 1987 - 1988=1989

    Does anyone in tmp land have a copy of the program / list of bands/ test pieces of the Tetley's leeds Open. was a good competition if I remember. ta
  7. nickjones

    Duncan Winfield Crown Inn , Llay Tuesday 31st October

    Crown Inn , Llay Wrexham North Wales Duncan Winfield is well known to Jazz lovers as the lead Trombone with the Wigan Jazz Club big band , a former member of the Andy Prior Big Band and former British Open trombone champion ( 1987) , people will also know Duncan through his work as concert...
  8. nickjones

    TShirt Printing companies

    just a quick question for any tmp'rs out there with any experience of getting tshirts printing , over the past couple of weeks stopher and myself have produced a line of tshirts for the bierkeller brass group , but our printing is time consuming , expensive and not very good after a few washes ...
  9. nickjones

    Sold/Expired Wanted - Boosey and Hawkes Imperial or Regent Eb Soprano Cornet 1960-1970's

    Looking for a cheap 2nd hand / well used Boosey and Hawkes soprano cornet. got to be in good working order. PM me if there are any bands out there with an old sop not used at the present time.... thanks.
  10. nickjones

    Trying to relocate a recording could be Carlton Main

    Trying to locate a recording I had given to me in the 1980's am sure it was Carlton Main some of the tracks were.. troublemaker - Mike Davies Suite for Brass - Mike Davies 2nd Suite - Holst Carnival of Venice - Cornet ( William Rimmer Arrangement) Finale From Faust Can't remember much...
  11. nickjones

    A Night in Tunisia - Dizzy Gilespie from Close enough for Jazz Redbridge Brass

    Can anyone help?on the Redbridge brass CD close enough for Jazz ,am sure there was an arrangement of A Night in Tunisia , does anyone have a copy of the cd? is it still available? who was the arranger? hopefully someone can help. ta
  12. nickjones

    Cristiano Ronaldo - Player of the Year

    Just heard from unofficial sources that Cristiano Ronaldo has been named Scottish Player of the year Ronaldo was quoted as saying "Que Scotland , top banana" although these cannot be confimed at this time!!!!
  13. nickjones

    Wax on Wax Hoff............

    erm somthing a wee bit random....check it out
  14. nickjones

    Bagpipe Help

    I am the proud owner of a set of bagpipes , now it's all a bit new and weird. Looking at the instrument , it's got reeds and different things going on. I don't know if we have a resident piper here on tmp , or one of our celtic reletives north of the border know how to play bagpipes , am going...
  15. nickjones

    Just a few thoughts....

    Seeing threads with titles like " Judges can we trust them" , Masons "alleged" involvement in the Band judging process , having Sally Army influence in competitions is it good or Bad for Competiting bands?why do we still compete? am sure bands could make a lot more money at festivals , concerts...
  16. nickjones

    Congrats to Alison Balsom - Winner at Classical Brits

    Well done to trumpet player Alison Balsom winning the young British Classical Performer at last nights Classical Brit Awards , Alison a former member of Redbridge Band and guest soloist with many bands / Orchestras. Alison was featured at the Beaumaris Festival a few years ago playing the Denis...
  17. nickjones

    Sold/Expired Wanted - Boosey and Hawkes Sov Tenor horn 1st valve

    Wanted - 1st valve for a Boosey and Hawkes sov tenor horn ( Round Stamp). must be in good condition , if your band has an old sov tenor horn which can be used for spares / repairs please let me know by pm decent price paid for the valve. thanks.
  18. nickjones

    Visual Problem never noticed before

    Don't know if we have any Doctors ,Eye specialists or anyone who has suffered this sort of problem. While rehersing at home last night , I was warming down playing different low notes , and I noticed my left eye was shaking whenever I playing notes lower than a bottom G,and last night had woke...
  19. nickjones

    Yobs cause £40,000 of damage to Local Band

    Just read todays Daily Post Newspaper , the Llanrug band suffered £40,000 worth of damage to percussion , old manuscripts and instruments. local villagers noted 50 youths ran amok late on Saturday night and damage was found by Police Patrolling the village. What a terrible shame , why someone...
  20. nickjones

    John Entwistle - The Who and Mellophonium star

    One of my favorite musicians of all time , brilliant bass guitarist and musician , quiet man of Rock , bass player of the millenium. and French Horn player... Just looking through this months copy of MOJO Magazine and lo and behold a brilliant picture of John tazzing away on a...