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  1. Nuke

    For Mum, Yorkshire Cancer Centre, China Trek 2010

    To all members of tMP. As my sister is not a member of tMP but my mum had been an avid brass bander for 50 years plus I was asked on her behalf to post this appeal to members of the tMP community. Many of the members here will have known or met my mum at some point so I thought this would be a...
  2. Nuke

    New Virtual Charades League

    OK. Seen as there was a resounding motion in the old virtual charades league to clear the scorecard and start afresh here is the NEW thread to start that in motion. If you don't know how it works its basically charades on a computer, you can also check the old thread here about what has gone...
  3. Nuke

    Home Networking

    I've recently got the internet at home. Im wanting to share the conection with a PC and a PS2. Anyone got any suggestions as to the best bits of kit you can suggest. If cheap enough may also opt for the wireless option if I can get it to work. Anyone done this or know anyone who has who...
  4. Nuke

    3000 posts!!

    I missed it i admit but there it is 3000 posts and still counting. Hooray!! Id like to say probablly all on thread games but who's aren't. Thanks to everyone who knows how sad i am.
  5. Nuke

    Resident Evil 4

    This is mainly cause i haven't posted for a while and random chats the only stuff i can imput to cause i dont understand brass bands really. Anyone else got Resident Evil 4 for there playstation or gamecube? I got mine on friday and have just finished the first chapter. I am now going...
  6. Nuke

    Seed of Chucky

    Anyone else quite upset that this new addition to quite an exceptional film franchise isnt being shown in every cinema in the country. Im in Liverpool and the nearest showings i can find are in St Helens, not miles away, but this is a big city where there should be atleast one cinema showing it...
  7. Nuke

    broken bones??

    Just one question. Has neone played trombone with a fractured right wrist?
  8. Nuke

    Football Manager 2005 Question??

    If anyone owns this could they help. Ive got the huge amount of 50k to splash about on the transfer market in the january window and i want to make sure i spend it wisely on a left back thats better then Anthony Lloyd. ive done OK so far with transfer money but want this to be an uber...
  9. Nuke

    Congrats Dianamite

    Dianamite has finally reached ten posts. Lets hope this is the first ten of many and that long may she continue posting to add to that total. So To Dianamite (raises glass)
  10. Nuke

    Friday the 13th

    Certainly random and off topic. Ive seen a box set of DVDs on amazon for Friday the 13th films but only region 1. Does anyone know if theres an english region2 release on the horizon and if so when is it going to happen, amazon doesnt say. Cheers
  11. Nuke

    Softs Cases

    After being at pontins this weekend i realised two things. 1) people on tmp ARE as mad in real life and 2) lugging round the block of concrete that contains my trombone is no fun. so ive decided that i should get me mum to buy me something useful this year like a gig bag for me trombone (i know...
  12. Nuke

    Is this thread funny? (no not this one)

    is this thread funny or is it just me (was flicking through old threads before you ask)
  13. Nuke

    Film Fights

    Saw Alien Vs Predator the other day and appart from the fact it was a huge cash in on two big franchises it was a very enjoyable film. Obviously theres also been Freddy versus Jason but are there any other film/famous characters that youd like to see kicking the rubbish out of each other in a...
  14. Nuke

    Is it just me.....

    Or is the clock on this website out by an hour, or did i just wake up having missed putting the clocks back again.
  15. Nuke

    I Pod

    Was thinking about getting an I Pod for music and stuff off the internet. Has anyone got one? Just to ask what they are like and if they are any good??
  16. Nuke

    How many ways???

    When people say there are other ways to skin a cat, How many ways are there to actually skin a cat?? it cant be infinite can it or thered just be infinite possibilities
  17. Nuke


    This is probablly not the first time this has been said but having not been here for a while this site now looks absolutely incredible, and contrary to beliefs held by boc brother winner 2ndmandown actually helps you pass exams as prooved this year by me having no resits as appose to the year...
  18. Nuke

    Goodbye cruel tmp!!

    Well finally my time as a second year uni student has come to an end, and as such so has my internet conection. This is my final goodbye until i come back in a few months so thankyou to everyone thats made it such a good place to be especially 2nd man down and the cornet king. Appart from that...
  19. Nuke


    2-2 all on the night but 3-2 on agregate. Just seen the final score and am dead chuffed that they managed to come back from two goals down and win. COME ON!!! HUDDERSFIELD ON THE UP!!! Also well done to Bristol City whove made it through there 2nd division playoff semi against hartlepool.
  20. Nuke

    Members of Emley Brass Band

    Never tell my mum anything about me that i do not tell her meself ever again or death will befall you and all your houses. Enjoy yourselves . This also counts for anyone due to be closely associated with Emley in the future cheers.