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  1. J

    Who are the cornet players with the nicest sound????

    dont tell me you are the only person not to hear about her disgusting and appalling behaviour in the past few months? I am amazed!
  2. J

    2005 Masters Becomes International?!

    oh right, so Dyke and Grimey are definitely going...and all the european bands can afford both a weekend in cambridge and their trip to the europeans meaning all issued invitations will be filled....well then I might make the effort to go and listen cos it'll be a first....however I think I will...
  3. J

    2005 Masters Becomes International?!

    so i assume that when the inevitable refusal of invitations (for whatever reason) start arriving from these chosen few then the contest will have to run with far fewer bands, as it would be a change of heart to start inviting those who werent good enough to make the cut in the first place...
  4. J


    one band I have been associated with pay some members and not others, based not on distance travelled to rehearsal or the quality of their playing but merely on who was canny enough to demands cash prior to signing up. It makes it very hard for those not in the game to remain loyal to the band...
  5. J

    Call of the Sea

    have you tried listening to a conch shell? :D
  6. J

    How much do you charge?

    the octet I play with go out for no less than £800. this is because we travel from so far to get together that anything less isnt viable...however we get a fair number of gigs a year and in fact this year have been so busy we have turned a couple down. You have to make a decision as a group/band...
  7. J

    Do you post from work or home

    I post from work, but cunningly use my mates computer as she works much harder than me and never uses it and also has an office well away from the bosses! Sadly though she is moving to a new job in september so i will have to use my home computer from then. bah humbug to bosses who dont like you...
  8. J

    Coventry Variations

    there is a recording of coventry variations recorded by NYBB with Bram Tovey conducting, but it was recorded primarily for course members and probably is no longer could try contacting Doyen about it though
  9. J

    Kit Percussionists

    Most bands I have played for like all-rounders, it means everyone can cover every part if necessary. Due to the nature of some of the pieces championship section bands play, you would be very bored if you were limited to the kit parts and in some test pieces (chivalry springs to mind) would be...
  10. J

    Section leaders????

    section leaders are a tricky thing in the percussion section. From experience in a number of different bands, people have elected themselves leader because they have been there longest/think they are the best player/are control freaks. Currently I seem to unofficially be section leader in my...
  11. J

    Longest rehearsal of a piece?

    Does it count that I had my first rehearsal of Devil and the Deep Blue sea when I was sixteen, and have recently rehearsed it again 11 years later? :lol:
  12. J


    just wanted to say congrats to anyone who has given up smoking, must be one of the hardest things to do, however I just wanted to point out that passive smoking is a known health risk rather than just an irritant, as many people working in the lung cancer field, and specifically at the Roy...
  13. J

    tMP Brass, pole position at Easingwold!!!

    not nearly as concerned as you should be for your personal safety when a certain young lady and colleague of mine finds out what has been written about her here. Not really fair when she is not on this forum to defend herself. Keppler: Edit, Duplicate Post Deleted
  14. J

    Top Ten . . . worst pieces for band!

    young amadeus hootenanny chorale and rockout the list just goes on!
  15. J

    Lip...........or No Lip that is the question.......

    Its not a poison, its an wont kill you if you put it on a cut, nor will it allow you to cast spells or give you the ability to fly. It can however be used by people who arent called hazel! :wink:
  16. J

    Lip...........or No Lip that is the question.......

    witch hazel is good for reducing bruising and inflammation...and its very cheap!
  17. J

    tMP Brass, pole position at Easingwold!!!

    If you find me a marching side drum I will happily join in the car alarm competition (thats a drum I can carry, not one that marches itself...although that would be handy!) :wink:
  18. J

    NYBBW or NYBBGB-past and present members please sign here!!

    NYBB, many years ago....remember great concerts with bram tovey, richard evans, howard snell at the helm...sadly due to amout of beer consumed both on the courses and in the following years, dont remember much else! (although there were some very dodgy ballerinas....) :wink:
  19. J

    How did you hear about ...? please answer.

    well it all started on the back of the band do so many things!
  20. J

    Major announcement.......

    great for any shed builders in the line up? very well behaved....honestly....well until proved otherwise :wink: