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    adjudicators comments

    Is there anywhere one can read the actual comments made by the adjudicators at contests? Might be a bit sneaky and tough on the bands in the first couple of areas to play, although each adjudicator is going to be different, but it would be interesting to know if there are any consistent themes...
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    Red Carol books

    Shot in the dark but I don't suppose anyone has an index of what is in this book? I'm trying to put a concert together for Weds and helpfully don't have the book by me. Cheers
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    Fulham Brass Band at Christmas

    FBB's Christmas concert this year is at St John's Church, North End Road, Fulham (just along from Stamford Bridge) on 11th december at 7pm. Guest soprano (voice) soloist Joanna Bradley; programme of contemplative, triumphant and festive stuff. Be great to see some tMPers there. Tickets on the...
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    test pieces past

    Can someone tell me what the area test piece for the 4th section was in 1997 please and the National test pieces for 97, 98, 99 all sections. Ta
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    Walton Birthday Fanfare

    Does anyone know what I've done with the parts for this? I had it very recently and now can't find it and this is my last hope :cry: :?
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    MD in need

    Can anyone out there in tmp land help me. We are missing a few scores from our library and despite looking in all the improbable places, have come up with nothing. I am now in the process of trying to purchase them. However, a lot of the ones I'm after don't seem to be able to be bought...
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    So just what are the Four Noble Truths really

    The existential programme notes are all fine and well but what do you think the Four Noble Truths really are? 1. We will never hear the end of 1966 and all that 2. Tim Henman will never win Wimbledon 3. Nobody really cares about Victoria Beckham's "singing career" 4. Michael Moore is...
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    Kingdom Triumphant

    Can anyone tell me who publishes this or can anyone lend me a set of parts and score so I can have a proper look at it before buying please. Ta
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    Fulham Brass band in concert

    Fulham Brass Band are performing for St George's Day (spat their Scottish MD) on - not surprisingly - the 23rd of Aprilat Polka Theatre in Wimbledon. Tickets are £5.50 and £3 concessions and are available through band members or direct from Polka Theatre Box Office on 020 8543 4888. Be great to...
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    walton fanfares

    Anyone have any idea where I could get either ten piece or full band arrangements of William Walton's Birthday Fanfare or Anniversary Fanfare? Ta
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    test pieces for harrogate

    Have these been announced yet and if so can someone tell me what they are please. Ta