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  1. Emb_Enh

    Sold/Expired Bach CR310 Cornet for sale Lac (GC) - Offers?

    It's only been used about 3 times ... am a pro trumpeter who owns it 'just in case' ... Frank Renton never phoned :( Am open to any reasonable offers over £140 (I pay post)... Lacquer is near perfect (small fading inside of bell from stand) Plays fine... Valves good... Solid case... 4B wick...
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    Sold/Expired Embouchure Enhancement Books

    There's a sale on . . . rgds Rod - Embouchure Enhancement Books
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    Sold/Expired Bach CR310 Bb Cor - SALE - £99 (new £399)

    used ..Bach CR310 Bb Cor - SALE - £99 - (new £399) some laquer wear around one of the main tuning slide legs / NO DENTS buyer pays shipping. more info... Bore: .459" Bell Diameter: 4 3/4" Bell: Two-piece, Shepherd's crook (short model), hand-hammered yellow...
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    Sold/Expired Taylor Chicago Lite II (Bb Trumpet) [for sale]

    Hiya.. consider buying a Bb TAYLOR CHICAGO II Lite ?? [vgc - silver with gold highlights] new = £2200 ..... my used vgc model = £850 ono [money needed for other projects] regards... Roddy []
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    Pines of Rome

    from the ''Instrumentalist'' : A Kinder Critic In the mid-1980s Brian Perry played the solo trumpet part in Respighi's Pines of Rome at the new concert shell in Chicago's Grant Park. The first time he played during the rehearsal, the conductor stopped him and said he was too far...
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    Instrument Quick Switch Ability - with ease!

    Instrument Quick Switch Ability - with ease! It is my belief that the guys/gals who 'SWITCH' between brass instruments with ease, are less mouthpiece dependant on the mpc rim to produce their initial buzz and therefore consequentially find it easier. Put simply, MOST brass players develop...
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    Thought I might do something for the library section of this forum! :D AIR+LIP RESISTANCE...... Any normal body has enough air to play brass instruments well. Even young beginners, provided they have the proper coordination between their use of air / chops, can play loud and high...
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    cornet pedal tones

    Hiya! quite a few cornet players have asked me offline about pedal tones ... I thought it best to send this article here...happy easter! :D Pedal tones.... Understand that quite a while back I learnt to use Pedals successfully, and have not had any disasters with them personally...
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    Sold/Expired WANTED - Wick 4C Gold Cor Mpc

    Have you got one I can buy? Denis Wick 4C Gold cornet mouthpiece --condition/price? email me will ya?
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    Sold/Expired King 3B Anniversary Model TROM

    King 3B Anniversary Model trom with plug, sterling silver bell, nickel plated slide ( very smooth) EXCELLENT AS NEW CONDITION-- 1200 quid.
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    "NEW" Brass Method Books... by Roddy o-iii<O "EMBOUCHURE ENHANCEMENT" Book 1 [20 quid incl. deliv] Book 2 [15 quid incl.deliv + free demo CD] [a Self Analysis and Diagnostic Method for Brass Inst. Advancement] OVER 200 PAGES!!! [Chapters contain self-analysis tests and...