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    Bb Bass available for whit friday

    Bb Bass available for whit Friday march contest based in Nottingham, will travel to meet coach ! contact me on 07446882409 Craig Hucknall & Linby MC Brass Midlands Area 3rd Section Champions 2013
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    Whit Friday Photo's

    on when will they publish the 2006 photos ? Cant wait to see if they took one of me lol
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    Midlands 4th Section

    As I play in a 4th section band in the midlands does any body know where i can look at the positions of all the bands in 4th section on the internet please? Thank you Craig
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    Uppermill Contest

    Does any one know any results ? All i know that uppermill band won the 4th section and me sister who helped Newstead youth came 11th out of 12 bands Craig
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    Old Slikstone - Results

    Hi, Does any body know any results yet of the contest that took part in Slikstone ?? Or when any one gets them please post them here? Cheers Craig Kirkby Band
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    Belvior Castle Contest

    Hi, Results from today's contest at Belvoir Castle: 1st Hopkins Blidworth Band 2nd Shirland Training Band 3rd Kirkby Welfare Band 4th Long Eaton Band The Best Soloist went to : Kirkby Band Thanks Craig Kirkby Band
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    Pontins 2004

    Hi, Does any one know a list of Bands who are entering Pontins in all section??? Sure there has to be a list by now for it !!! Thanks Craig 2nd Baritone Kirkby Band
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    Derby 15th Feb 2004

    Does any body know who is in the box for the Derby contest on Feb 2004?????????????????????????? craig 2nd Baritone Kirkby Welfare Band Butlins 4th Section 2003 Champions
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    Fa Cup Weekend

    Hi, Forget banding for a minute and talk footie!!! How did your team(s) got on this weekend in the Fa Cup I went to watch my team Nottingham Forest play and we beat west brom 1 -0 Marlon King (PEN) Bad luck to al the West brom fans out there!!! Craig 2nd Baritone Kirkby Band...
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    Milton Keynes - Milton Keynes Brass Band Enertainments

    Hi all, Which bands are entering the Milton Keynes - Milton Keynes Brass Band Festival Entertainments Contest in Febuary ???? I want to know who are entering ??? Craig 2nd Baritone Kirkby Band Butlins Mineworkers 4th Section Champions 2003
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    Butlins 4th Section

    Can I ask everyone for their say on who do they think ae the runners and riders for the 4th Section please ???? Craig :D :cry: :?
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    Butlins 2003

    Who do you think the runners and riders for butlins CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION?????? I think the top two will be : 1. Carlton Main Frickley 2. Fisburn (Are they going ???) Dont know who else are going ????? Craig