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    Re:B & R concert - Does this....

    Are you kidding??!! The British Brass Band movement is killing itself!! They are the most inward looking backward looking stubborn minded establishment that I have encountered. Noone seems to want to listen to us apart from those who have been brought up listening to it, and that number is...
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    Extremely Disappointing Brighouse an Rastrick Concert!!!

    But hang on a minute, none of these pieces are particularly challenging to listen to, especially the Heaton works. And you say they didn't even play Elgar Howarths piece, but put in Ravenswood instead? Wilby is well known for dramatic exciting pieces that everyone seems to love at the moment, so...
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    Extremely Disappointing Brighouse an Rastrick Concert!!!

    Sounds like most of B&Rs following still go to their concerts to hear the floral dance... Wasn't at the concert but it sounded superb, wish I'd been there. Did the audience not even appreciate the near impossible Sinfonia Concertante? Perhaps Alan made it sound too easy!! Perhaps brass...
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    Anyone off to France ? ?

    Yeah france was great! Need a cornet dep ween? Or how about I just come as a dep supporter? haha!! Forgive me I'm a student, I'll do anything for a free holiday!
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    Change at Dobcross.

    Re: New Sop Ah so thats what happened to you Bowdy... by the way your band name is spelt Faireys!!! not that it matters... just thought you should know!
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    How do you rehearse for the Europeans?

    or you could just not bother til 5 days before... :s
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    ladies in faireys??

    This isn't an official announcement, but I'd thought I'd get in before any unwanted rumours started (too late I think). The announcement at the concert last night was actually a mistake, Becky has not joined Faireys, and was over from Dobcross to help us out for which we are very greatful...
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    Russlan and Co...

    Wow I don't remember writing that... how are there no spelling/typing errors? Anyway... Yes the Hargreaves arrangement is very good, it may be in the Wright & Round archive section but don't quote me on that. Yeah I think it was in F, which made all the scales very easy (just waggle first valve).
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    Russlan and Co...

    I've played a version by Walter Hargreaves which is damn good. Not sure if that helps but it was fairly comfortable to play. Think I'm about to pass out (severly drunk) so apologies for anything useless that I may have just said... (forgive me I am a student after all)
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    New Virus Alert.

    Don't worry there won't be any viruses attempting to contact you.
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    New Virus Alert.

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    Pontins 2004 - Test Pieces announced

    Or I could just offer to dep for someone!! NOW AVAILABLE: 2nd Rate cornet player avaible to dep for any band desperate enough at Pontins!! No charge, so long as accomodation provided!! N.B. Maybe drunk or hungover. Hows that?
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    Grand Shield Results

    Congrats to sellers!! Also congratulations to Hepworth, the only band I managed to get to hear!! Excellent all round performance, good soloists in particular sop and solo cornet, and well directed too. Heres a band on the up, thoroughly deserving a place in the top six if not higher. Nick
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    The Music of the Spheres

    Doesn't it have to be published to comply with own choice competition rules?? Forgive me if I'm wrong, I've only heard that 2nd hand. Sorry can't comment on the piece, I didn't get a chance to hear it (YBS were band after us). I'm sure its up to your usual high standard though!
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    Announcement on Faireys Website

    Yes the rep seat is vacant (until I get shoved back on it :P). If there's anyone else interested send me a private message and I'll consider getting you an audition! Include what you're doing now banding wise...
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    Haha Bowdy, nice one. Sambuca incident, like it. Apparently its sambuca fortnight in Manchester you know, sponsored by Luxardo. Cheap shots woohoo :P Anyway, nice one guys on getting the jacket back. I'm thinking of auctioning mine on Ebay... Any takers? Bidding starts at £300 :P
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    Pontins 2004 - Test Pieces announced

    Is it me or are all the chalets in Pontins booked up already? Just tried checking it but no luck. Anyone else with the same problem or do they just not want me there after last year? :-P
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    whats wrong with 'party'? anyway... i wasn't in it long anyway... *ahem* so where was the jacket may i ask??!
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    oooh gill's got her 'official' hat on today! yeh please return said jacket, dont flog it to a dane for £300 or whatever... not that bowdys would be worth that much anyway! thanks for keepin hold of it, sorry i was no use to you when you rang me (lucy), i was and still am trying to recover...