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    Regent hall Festival

    Hiya , Just wonderin if someone can make a few things a lil clearer for me: What date was this festival first established? Was it originally just Thur/Fri night? When did they start having concerts on the Saturday night too? Also is this festival linked to the Nationals or does it...
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    Musicians Union

    Hi, As part of my final year Music degree at Salford University i am doing a placement at the Musicians Union offices in Manchester. I am coming to the end of my placement now and am in the process of writing a 5000 word report on the Union. As part of my report i would like to include...
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    I hope someone can help me with this... I am trying to find the dates that the following pieces were first recorded by a Brass Band and on which label: Pageantry Three Figures Resurgam Journey into Freedom In Memorium RK Fireworks Songs for BL Please reply here or pm me if you...
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    Race for life 2007

    Hi there Myself and two of my friends who are fellow music students at Salford Uni are running the race for life on Sunday the 3rd of June at 11pm in Heaton park, Manchester. We would be very grateful if any of you here on tmp would sponsor us...
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    Strauss: Horn Concertos

    Hi :) I am currently considering a selection of music as possibilities for my end of year performance exam. I have tried ( and so far been unsuccessful ) in finding the Strauss concertos listed below for horn in Eb and was wondering if anyone knew where i could get hold of copies of the...
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    Recording of Cornucopia

    Was just wondering if anyone knew of a recording of the Tenor Horn piece 'Cornucopia' by Bram Wiggins? Thanks :)
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    Open photos

    Was just wondering if anyone took any photos of the bands performances on stage at the weekend? ..saturday or sunday . I would particularly like any of YBS but any others would be good too :) pm me if you do with any websites or my hotmail is thanks xx :)
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    Eb Horn, Northwest/Midlands, Champ-4th

    * Name and contact details: Rachael Johnson. / * Instrument(s) played: Tenor Horn * Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Championship (first or second horn) 1st-4th (solo-second) * How much notice do...
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    Elgar Howarth

    Hey all Got a uni assignment essay to finish about Elgar Howarth and his contribution towards the Brass Band movement in terms of his compositions, as a conductor and his commissions of new music. I have found some information already but was wondering if anyone could suggest good books/...
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    Photos in the tmp gallery

    How do we delete our old images?...i have found out how to change them...but not how to delete them for good! Rach
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    While away from home...

    Having just returned from my first term at Salford i was thinking on the way home of the things that i miss about home while im away and the things im glad to be back for, How about everyone else...What do you all miss when away from home and what always makes it a nice return for you? :-)...
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    Horn, Manchester

    Hi. I have just moved to Manchester and i am studying music at Salford Uni where i play in both the Uni bands. I play Tenor horn and before moving here was playing first horn in a Midlands championship section band. I would just be interested to know what horn vacancies are available in the area...
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    Hi all, was wondering if anyone had a recording of the philip sparke horn solo masquerade? i have the sheet music, would like a listen though aswell. My email addy is if you do or if u can tell me where to buy it from thanks
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    Hi, Im starting in my first year at Salford doing music from September. Im living with friends in Manchester on Kincardine road just off of Oxford road. I have been trying to find the easiest way to travel from here to the Adelphi building each day. I was wondering if anyone could help me in...
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    Im going to 'octave above' the music shop near huddersfield tomorrow, but i cant find the address or the directions any where!! Please help!!!!!!
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    Which Horn?

    I am getting a new horn soon :-D But dont really know which to go for , ive played on a sovereign, a yamaha maestro and a courtouis but although i have my favourite i want to know what advice others have :-) Thanks!
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    A2 Music

    Found out today that my A2 Music recital is on my Birthday!! 18th May!! - so much for having the day off! Who else is doing this as part of their A level and wotya all playing?
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    In this day and age....

    How and why do some of the top championship bands still have an 'all men' policy?
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    One or Two...

    How come that the Yorkshire championship section had 2 adjudicators and the Midlands only one?
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    Grade 8 Distinction!

    I got my result today + passed with Distinction with 134 marks!! How has everyone else done who's taken exams this time? Rach_Horn