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  1. K

    House mates have gone mad!!!!!

    Is it just me, or do the house mates in the BOC Brother house seem to have gone absolutely barking???? :bounce
  2. K


    Wishing 2nd man down the best of luck in the BOC Brother House!!! I really hope he makes it to the end as the winner :lol: For no reason other than the fact we won't have to put up with him at band rehearsals, ha, ha! Keep him in and locked up for good :twisted: Sorry mate, love ya...
  3. K

    JOLLY NICE OF ME..........

    Wed's nights are band rehearsal nights (as well as Monday) and this Wed's, I was told I had to work late and there was no way I could get out of it, I realised I had the folder of music which I share with another band member, so I begged my superior at work to allow me to take the folder to...
  4. K

    Where is 2nd man down?

    :P 2nd man down, Where are you? Ur not logged on :?: Wot's wrong, are you feeling unwell? - lie down - take a pill - mop ur brow - and get logged on :!:
  5. K

    Is tMP gonna lead to people getting the sack?

    2nd man down!!!!!!!!! :shock: You are one of the people who is always logged on when I am (generally) no matter what time of day! XXX
  6. K

    What do you do about someone who can't fit in?

    What do you do when you have one band member who just makes no effort to fit in and rubs everyone up the wrong way? :evil: Cos we have one!!!!!!! x