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    Tameside.... u ther???

    1st time ive been to a contest and been sober!!!! just got back from a concert! well done to all
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    How are your Area rehearsals going?

    lol, not long now. in a week at this time well know the results for yorkshire 2nd section, or on the other hand in a weeks time ill be hamerd :guiness :guiness :hammer , just had sectionall last night! what fun it was lol, went ok though! head on all this week starting from tomoz arrrrrr...
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    Social In Hudds? Maybe?

    is that the same weekend as tameside contest?
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    tMP Areas 2004 Statistics

    2nd, ill be happy with that result! :D
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    YHBBA Annual Contest Results

    anyone now the full results and test pieces?
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    Hebden Bridge Brass Band - vacancies

    Eb bass wanted Hebden Bridge Brass Band are looking for a Eb bass player to join our friendly 2nd section band after the areas.
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    All England Masters 2004

    what a test piece Harrison's dream is!!!! nice euph solo going up to top fb i think. have fun!!!! ill be there hopefully listening!! good luck to all!
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    Preston - Results and Own Test Piece Selections

    just recoverd now from yesterday, anyone listen to us? we came 4th in 2nd section! not bad for a 1st attempt
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    Preston- Who is gonna be there!

    this time tomorrow!!!!! good luck too all! win or loose we'll have some booze! :guiness cya all in the bar!
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    preston contest 2004 (part II)

    still no list ov competing bands? whats the banding world coming to :lol:
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    Preston- Who is gonna be there!

    ill be there for a good drinkin sesh :D :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness :guiness
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    Minidisc Recorders

    anyone know any shops that sell proper microphones eg sony ecm-ds70p ??? i whent in to dixons today and asked if they sold the small portable mics and they said theve never seen one! i could do with getting one befor sunday, any shops in bradford/halifax anyone knows?
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    Championship Section - Guild Hall

    ive heard dobbcross are there
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    what second section bands are turning up to preston contest?

    wire brass will probably be going for the hatrick.
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    NW 2nd Section Regionals

    diggle are in 2nd section this year i think hover are back up aswell but not sure. think goodshaw are down.
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    preston contest 2004 (part II)

    any champ section band gonna attempt to play harrison's dream by peter graham or concerto no. 1 for brass band by derek bourgeois at preston??? there my 2 fave test pieces by miles!!!!!! :)
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    Area Opinions

    sorry to say but 2nd section bands have the best piece :D . but i do like vizcaya! played it ones seems a really good piece not sure about Coventry Variations i like the start but then after that?....... id raver listen to prauge! sorry
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    what second section bands are turning up to preston contest?

    it be r8!!!! hebden bridge are going :twisted:
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    preston contest 2004 (part II)

    im there with Hebden bridge in the 2nd section (1st contest in the 2nd section for hebden bridge for over 20 years!!!!) should be fun :) :guiness
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    any percussion shops in yorkshire/north west

    thanxs ill have a look at them