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    Championship Section Arrogance.

    Back to the original point, whilst there are undoubtedly championship players who look down their noses at the lower sections, there are also very good reasons to advise a student to join a top, rather than 2nd, section band
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    Anonymous accounts and the future of tMp

    I have no problem speaking for myself, and am happy to debate and defend my opinions. However my opinions are not always in tune with the banding establishment, so I post anonymously to protect any band I'm associated with from potential backlash. You may think this overly cautious, but we've...
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    NW Areas Result - What happened? #Regs2016

    I tend to agree; if you insist on sticking your adjudicators in a box then you are implying from the outset that you don't trust them to give an unbiased opinion. However the adjudicators I've spoken to about this actually prefer to be in the box, not least because it allows them to focus solely...
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    NW Areas Result - What happened? #Regs2016

    I've heard two. One was very well done and was both informative and constructive, but you'd have been hard pushed to take anything of use from the other. So, just as with written remarks, it comes down to how well the adjudicator is able convey his thoughts. I tentatively agree it would be a...
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    NW Areas Result - What happened? #Regs2016

    Where is the problem with sticking them on 4BarsRest, in an article you are entirely at liberty to ignore? I would certainly be interested to read the remarks of, for example, Leyland and Faireys from Sunday. Then make it a condition of entry.
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    NW Areas Result - What happened? #Regs2016

    I've often thought it would be a good idea for contest organisers to publish all of their adjudicators' remarks. What is helpful and constructive for the band in question would probably be beneficial to lots of other bands as well. It would also add transparency to the adjudicating process and...
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    NW Areas Result - What happened? #Regs2016

    NW Area results 2015... 1. Fairey 2. Foden's 3. Wingates 4. Ashton NW Area results 2016... 1. Foden's 2. Wingates 3. Fairey 4. Ashton Where is the shock in that result?
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    Copies of missing parts

    Apologies if I wasn't clear, but I didn't say it was legal to take backup copies of sheet music. However in my opinion there is no good reason that it shouldn't be.
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    Copies of missing parts

    Whilst I think publishers have a genuine and obvious grievance regarding the wholesale copying of music that we all know is rife in banding, I think it would be mean spirited of anyone to take issue with what is being discussed here. It is perfectly legal to take backup copies of software...
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    Invention suitable for musicians?

    Yup, they work fine on music stands. I'm not trying to pooh-pooh your 'invention', and I'm sure it's the best solution in some situations, but in the musical world at least you have competition.
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    Invention suitable for musicians?

    First question they're likely to ask you on Dragon's Den is has this not already been done, e.g. Magnetic Penclip / Pencil Holder Is the only difference that you're also including some 'metal' tape?
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    Which is the best valve oil?

    It's strangely reassuring to see that a thread started as a wind up is developing nicely into a full blown tMP geek fest :clap:
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    Whit Friday - Scratch Band

    Just about every band I'm aware of are struggling to fill all of their seats for Whit Friday. Do you not think 'your' players would be better employed offering their services to these bands rather than forming a pop-up band and merely adding to the clamour for deps?
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    Band Cymru - S4C TV band contest

    Am I missing something - if I click on 'watch the performance' for any of the bands from last night's episode I just get YouTube videos of 30s or so, rather than the full performances?
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    Acoustics and Adjudicator's box.

    In recent years the box has been in middle of the stalls, well in front of the overhanging circle, which seems sensible to me. Does anyone know why it was moved up a level this year? Perhaps to keep the adjudicators away from the noise of the riff raff? Or maybe to ensure the riff raff can't...
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    What IS the point...

    I’m struggling to believe you actually read the thread in question, because that’s not how I recall it at all. If that really is the reason you no longer come here often then I can’t imagine where else you dare to venture online, because this is possibly the most genteel corner of the internet...
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    What IS the point...

    I think we have to assume the admins had good reason to delete the thread, as in my experience they are not usually quick to do so unnecessarily. If it was deleted merely because it breached the site’s ToS then I think they were misguided, because this place is dying and it was one of the few...
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    English Heritage 2nd Cornet

    Do you also hope that nobody would help, or just that they wouldn't own up to it? How many hard working publishers will be thrown in the poor house if somebody supplies a single, hopefully temporary, replacement part for a piece that is presumably already owned by the band in question?
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    L&SC Areas 2014

    If you have the North West in mind, then originally they took a non-response as a 'vote' for the status quo, i.e. one adjudicator. When they were subsequently persuaded to ask the question again a year or two later, only counting actual votes, the move was made to two in the box. And whilst I'm...
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    Which section for these test pieces ?

    I completely understand your point, but if the only criteria is to be how well a piece is played, regardless of difficulty, then there is no incentive to play anything more testing than Petite Suite de Ballet for those looking to win any contest. I realise I'm in danger of straying into...