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    Fancy a Principal Cornet role?

    Do you fancy a Principal Cornet role? Oughtibridge Band (Sheffield) are accepting applications for a principal cornet to help build upon our recent impressive contest results. Backed by a hardworking committee, the band have a great atmosphere in rehearsals & are looking forward to a good...
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    *SHEFFIELD* - Cancer Charity Concert

    CONCERT TO CELEBRATE THE WORK OF WESTON PARK CANCER CHARITY AND CAVENDISH CANCER CARE. A concert to celebrate the wonderful work of Weston Park Cancer Charity and Cavendish Cancer Care will take place at Sheffield City Hall on Saturday April 3rd at 8pm. Appearing in concert, and creating...
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    Deepcar Band are seeking: Cornet/Horn/Baritone/Bass - Yorkshire 4th section

    Edit: for current vacancies & contact details, please see most recent posts Deepcar Brass Band are a new 4th section contesting band based to the north of Sheffield. The band was established in 1988 and now, in its 20th year, is entering into the world of contesting for the first time. With...
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    Contest and Concert and Road Marches?!

    Hi, With the Whit Marches coming up, I conduct a young(ish) village band and we always do the Whit Marches every year. Every year we also play the same march and so I feel its time for a change. Something i'm not clear on though, is which marches qualify as "Contest" marches to be played in...
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    SHOWSTOPPERS - Stocksbridge Band - 26th Sept

    Following on from our band club season, Stocksbridge Band are happy to present our "SHOWSTOPPERS" concert on Sunday 26th September. The program features music from CATS, West Side Story and works from composers such as Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cole Porter. The concert will be held at the...
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    Stocksbridge Band - Yorkshire/Championship 08 - Vacancies

    Stocksbridge require cornet, flugel & perc. Edit: see latest posts for current vacancies and contact details Stocksbridge Band (championship section, Yorkshire) require... Principle/Tutti Cornet, Flugel Horn, Percussionist, Please contact Derek Renshaw (
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    Guest soloist with Stocksbridge - ROGER WEBSTER

    Following on from our band club season, Stocksbridge Brass Band are very happy to be performing with one of the worlds greatest cornet players on Sunday 27th June. The concert will be held at the Stocksbridge Victory Club (visit our website for directions) Tickets are £5 each (there is also a...
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    Stocksbridge Band Club Finale Concert

    Last concert of our band season this Sunday (25th).....and its us!!! :D We would love to see some of you there. Stocksbridge Victory club, 8pm, free to get in, cheep booze and raffle!!!!
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    A contact for Goff Richards??? anyone?

    Hi, just wonding if anyone has a contact number or email address (or even snail mail :roll: ) to get in touch with Goff Richards about a piece of music he wrote that was never published? Thank you
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    Your first ever contest piece?

    I was just wondering what everyone's very first contest piece was? Mine was "Little Suite for Brass" by Malcolm Arnold, 4th Section, Yorkshire Areas with Thorpe Hesley Brass Band.
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    Playing or supporting?

    I was just wondering, do you prefer to go as a supporter with a band to a contest, or as a member and play at the contest? I've played in literally dozens of contests (as i'm sure many of you have) but only ever been to a contest as a supporter once (with Oughtibridge band to the National Finals...
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    NOT going to the Areas?

    Who's band is not going to the areas for one reason or another this year? Last night it was decided that my local band Oughtibridge Brass Band, for the first time in many years (i believe were talking 100's here!) will not be going, do to lack of players and time to reherse the piece (Vizcaya)...
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    Composers - Writers block ???

    Having been composing for a number of years now, and currently doing a diploma in "Composition for the Media", how do the number of composers on TMP get over writers block? Thankfully it hasn't happened that often to me (except at the moment :? !) but when it does, it can be one of the most...
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    Stocksbridge's popular band club 2004 season will be starting again this Sunday evening. Every concert starts Sunday, 8:00pm at Stocksbridge Victory Club. Enterance is free, there is a raffle and "open-the-box". Below is a list of the upcoming concerts and which bands are playing... JANUARY...
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    STOCKSBRIDGE band christmas concert 21st Dec

    Hi, Just letting people know that Stocksbridge Brass Band will be performing their annual christmas concert at the Stocksbridge Victory club on the 21st December, starting at 8pm. We hope to see some of you there. If you require anymore info regarding directions etc, please let me know!!!
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    Timpani & Tristian Encounters!!!

    Hello all, Has anyone any idea of how many timps will be provided for the Championship Area's 2004? if it is just the usual 4, then there's some nasty changes involved (in short amounts of time!) Thanks for any help! Gav
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    Favorite Marches...whats yours?

    With the Whit Marches tomorrow, i just wondered what everyones favorite march was? Mine is and always has been "Death or Glory" followed by Slaidburn (and i quite like a new(ish) march that i've played called McArthur Glen by Darrol Barry) Whats your favorite March?
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    Percussion - Yorkshire

    Intrument: Percussion Conductor/Compere: Not really! (conducted youth bands) Location/Region: Yorkshire Grade: Never taken any (except grade 5 theory) Name: Gavin Somerset Contact Details: 07759 412 282 & Instrument(s) played: Drum Kit, Timpani, Tuned...
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    Stocksbridge Band's Engagement list

    Stockbridge Band's Engagement list May 18th Dobcross Band Club 20.00 hrs May 31st Stocksbridge Victory Club - Name that Tune - Quiz Night June 22nd Weston Park - Sheffield 2 - 4pm July 13th Stocksbridge Victory Club - American Evening August 3rd...
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    Can anyone tell me what this means?!

    Just a question. In the piece of music "Chivalry" by Martin Ellerby, there is an instruction that reads "Quasi Pavillons nen l'air" ....Anyone know what it means?! Thanks,