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    Bb Bass available for whit friday

    Bb Bass available for whit Friday march contest based in Nottingham, will travel to meet coach ! contact me on 07446882409 Craig Hucknall & Linby MC Brass Midlands Area 3rd Section Champions 2013
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    Leicester Contest - Record Entry

    £20 on Hucknall and Linby to win sunday on fire at the moment ! won last contest n sounded awesome last night !
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    Butlins - Draw and Results

    Carlton Brass Nottingham were 18th in 1st section !
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    Who's going: Leicester open '09'

    Had a phone call Hucknall and Linby were 2nd in 3rd section today!
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    Paddy's Bolsover 09

    Carlton 6th !
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    Kiveton Community Woodland Brass Band Festival

    just got a text of my dad saying hucknall and linby have won the contest !
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    Butlins 2009

    got my badge in the Royal Arthur suite they were next to where u sign ur name !
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    West Midlands Association Contest 2008 (Leamington Spa)

    Blidworth band have withdrawn from leamington spa
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    Butlins mineworkers 2008

    on the saturday all sections start at 10am only one week to go !!! Craig Carlton Brass Nottingham
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    Butlins mineworkers 2008

    Carlton Brass (Nottingham) will be there in the 1st Section !
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    LBBA Open Contest: Includes Official Results

    Does anybody know results from 3rd and 4th section ? i know 2nd section were 1. Carlton Brass 2. Chinnor Sliver 3. Daventry Brass Best soloist was the sop player of carlton brass
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    NEMBBA Sounds of Brass Entertainment Contest

    Carlton Brass will not be at rufford tomorrow
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    West Midlands Association Contest 2007

    Very good contest. Very Good Weatherspoons round the corner
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    Official tMP Midlands Regional 2007 Thread

    Good result for you on sunday graham !!!!!! Craig Eb Bass Carlton Brass
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    Official tMP Midlands Regional 2007 Thread

    Carlton brass are up to 1st section from janaury 2008
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    Official tMP Midlands Regional 2007 Thread

    Good luck to kirkby, bestwood and newstead yth bands this weekend. Craig Carlton Brass
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    Official tMP Yorkshire Regional 2007 thread

    Section 2 Adjudicators: C. Brian Buckley & David Horsfield Draw: 12.00pm Commences: approx. 1.45pm Results: 1. Wakefield Metropolitan, R. Gray, 10, 184 2. Kippax, K. Wardle, 3, 182 3. Strata, D. Hirst, 7, 181 4. Horbury Victoria, R. Walker, 11, 180 5. Slaithwaite, B. Hudson, 2...
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    Car Insurance for your Kids very good for young drivers and 1st timers ! come and see me on friday at band will tell you more mate Craig Eb bass Carlton Brass
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    Derby ... attendance, results and discussion

    Left at 5:15 and the last band had played did not stay due to dropping me sister off at her bands rehearsal