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    Which university for brass?

    Thanks karl :) Yeah dissertation is just an option in third year as one of the two electives ( majors) ... as is full performance, composition, arts admin, arranging and conducting You could pick full performance if you so wish and as Karl stated would receive 33% of the total final year...
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    Which university for brass?

    Salford. I have just graduated from here and can highly recommend it! It has a great reputation within bands with lots of 'top' players having graduated from here and is still as good today. It is a 3 year course and although in the 1st year you do a bit of everything in years two and three...
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    Regent hall Festival

    Thanks alot :) :)
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    Regent hall Festival

    also....when did the national 4 sections league turn into 5 sections as it is today? Cheers
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    Regent hall Festival

    Hiya , Just wonderin if someone can make a few things a lil clearer for me: What date was this festival first established? Was it originally just Thur/Fri night? When did they start having concerts on the Saturday night too? Also is this festival linked to the Nationals or does it...
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    Musicians Union

    Thanks for what i have received :) Anything else atall would be great!! Cheers Rach
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    Musicians Union

    Even if you are just a member/ex member and don't have a specific 'case study' to give me, please contact me anyway. Any imput at all would be great help :) Cheers
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    Musicians Union

    Hi, As part of my final year Music degree at Salford University i am doing a placement at the Musicians Union offices in Manchester. I am coming to the end of my placement now and am in the process of writing a 5000 word report on the Union. As part of my report i would like to include...
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    Thankyou everyone who has sent me a pm reply. That's a great help to me.:clap: :clap: :clap: Cheers Rach
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    I hope someone can help me with this... I am trying to find the dates that the following pieces were first recorded by a Brass Band and on which label: Pageantry Three Figures Resurgam Journey into Freedom In Memorium RK Fireworks Songs for BL Please reply here or pm me if you...
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    Smoking Ban.

    You're right ...we wont care!! is your choice to smoke ... and the law is if you want to do it now you go outside , simple! If you dislike the cold so much how about trying to give up.... :p
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    I am on there:clap: Add me if ya want :) Rachael Johnson (manchester and salford uni network)
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    Walking up the Pennine Way...

    I walked this with my parents and a group of their friends quite a few years ago now. We started in Leeds as far as i remember and walked on average 20 miles a day for a week.... we did the cotswolds way a year or so later....really good walk and Bath is a lovely place to finish!!! Enjoy it :)
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    Madeleine MacCann

    I totally agree with this. It WAS a silly thing to do but not something that is completely out of order if they did feel it was a safe place to leave them ( i like to think when i have kids that i wouldn't leave them alone like that) but the parents must have felt it safe to do so, and as they...
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    Should he stay or should he go?

    I agree with would be very irresponsible to allow him to go to Iraq...not only would it put the country / goverment in a very difficult position if he was captured but more than anything .. if he was there it would increase the risk of harm to the soldiers around him greatly as he...
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    2007 Spring Festival Results & Discussion

    Congratulations Sellers :biggrin: Whoooooo :clap: :clap: Also big congrats to Thoresby ( my old band) in the Senior Cup!! :clap: Great set of results all round!!!!! :D xxx
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    Speed Camera Game

    Whoo :bounce 15/19 ...some really difficult ones...most are really obvious though!!
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    Race for life 2007

    Hi there Myself and two of my friends who are fellow music students at Salford Uni are running the race for life on Sunday the 3rd of June at 11pm in Heaton park, Manchester. We would be very grateful if any of you here on tmp would sponsor us...
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    Chocolate or kissing?

    Chocolate kisses ;)
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    Chocolate or kissing?

    Kissing everytime :biggrin: :biggrin: