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    Derek Atkinson

    Can anyone give me a contact number or e mail address for Derek Atkinson please. Pm me with it if possible. Ta.
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    Crewe Brass and St Austell Town Band

    This weekend Crewe Brass will be the guests of the St Austell Town Band. They will be performing a joint concert on Saturday 4 th May at the Grampound Village Hall at 7.30 pm. On the following day (Sunday 5th) Crewe Brass and St Austell Youth Band will be performing at the Ship Inn, Par...
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    Sad News For All Ex Members Of Swinton Concert Brass

    It is with sadness I have to tell you that Jim Robinson (also known as 'Baggy' ) passed away on October 5th 2008. He had been suffering an illness for many years. Unfortunately , his funeral was last Friday but I'm sure all who knew him as players of Swinton Concert Brass ( formerly Youth Town...
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    Man made my day!!!!

    As a past Manchester City season ticket holder and a mad Man City fan I have had a fantastic day today!!!!! Whooay!!! Up the Sky Blues!
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    Msn Messenger????

    Anybody else having problems getting on MSN Messenger today? ...or is it just me.
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    Most Haunted Live

    ..anyone else, like me, watching 'Most Haunted Live' this evening? They're investigating the Winter Gardens, Blackpool which is where the North West Areas are held!! There seem to be quite a few strange happenings going on. I might take to the stage at the Opera House in March with some...
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    Playstation 2 !!!!!!!

    Please. please - anyone got any ideas on how I can get a Playstation 2 for my little boy for Christmas? I've tried lots of things and actually had one sorted until today when I've found out that Comet made a mess of my order and they've all gone!! They still managed to take the money out of the...
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    How Do I Stop ...........................

    ..I know this has been mentioned before but , sorry to say, I didn't understand how to do it. Maybe someone can explain (in plain english) how I stop getting e mail notification of responses to threads thanks
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    Has Anybody Else ...... myself bought The Mirror for the first time ever today just so you get the free DVD of 'Brassed Off'??
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    4BarsRest Comments On Third Section

    Have you read the comments made up to now on 4barsrest re the 3rd Section? Are they there so we can just have a good laugh or what?? I think they're dreadful.....or is it just me??
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    Kelly Holmes / Mens Relay

    How many of you have been glued to your TV sets for the past few hours? I don't think I've ever cheered at the TV so much!!!!! What a fantastic display by the GB Team. I don't know what I'll do next week - probably catch up with 'Neighbours'!! What has been your highlight of the Olympics...
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    Pop Idol - Who do You want To Win?

    Right then. If we can have a poll about kebabs then we can have one about this. Who do you want to win Pop Idol? I like Michelle alot but think if we're talking 'Pop Idol' then its got to be Mark.
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    Your Most Embarrassing (Not Band) Moment

    Right then, we've had most embarrassing moments whilst being in possession of a brass instrument but there must be loads of you with embarrassing moments to share when you've not been with the Band. I had one of mine this morning so i'll start the blushing! This morning I was out in the...
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    2560 messages to read!!

    ...just returned from a week in Salou to find only 2560 unread messages!!!!!!!...hope TMP realises they are responsible for the acute lack of housework here in the next few days!!!
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    Well Known Guest Conductors.

    Any of you had any well known guest conductors coming to help out at rehearsal? How did you feel? Did they improve the Band? Do you think its a good thing? I've had 3 experiences of well know conductors coming to help us before a contest. Roy Newsome and Roy Curran came to conduct Eagley...
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    North West Area Results

    CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION 1 Fodens Richardson All 4 qualify for the 2 Williams Fairey Finals. 3 Haydock 4 Leyland FIRST SECTION 1 United Co-op Crewe...
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    North West Areas Predictions????

    Come on then.......what are your predictions for the North West Areas at Blackpool on Sunday?? I'll post mine when I've picked my son up from school!!!
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    Mr Clive Tong

    It is with great sadness I write to advise of the death of Clive Tong - Contest Secretary to United Co op Band (Crewe). He passed away this morning after a short illness and will be sorely missed by everyone who knew him, especially we members of the Band who considered him as being just as...
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    I am not very 'well up' on this sort of thing but is there any way you could include a chatroom on here? Perhaps you don't want one, which is ok, it was just an idea. There is one on the MSN Brass Band Forum but it isn't used very much now. I think it could be very successful on this site...